Precisions, Wallspins & Climbing Challenges.


Climbing Challenge.

Climbing Challenge. © James Allen


Once again it was the weekend and as per usual I was running late. I had put my alarm on snooze at 9am rather than get up and didn’t wake back up from my slumber until gone 11am. I then had to quickly get ready to make sure I was in town for 1pm, at the very least try to be there some time before then. I got to the bottom of my street when I saw a bus in the distance making it’s way to the bus stop, now that is what you call perfect timing. Even though I was on the bus at 12pm, way ahead of the meet up time of one o’clock I somehow still managed to be late… It was a very slow journey, the kind where the driver picks up every single passenger, and waits for the ones running to bus stop! The same kind of journey where the driver drives well under the speed limit, at a snails pace. The bus was packed full, with all the seats taken and people standing between them and yet the bus was still stopping to take on more passengers. Not to mention the heating was on full blast making the bus feel like a furnace, slowly cooking us all like chickens in an oven, was this some sort of sick joke?! It really was becoming one of those days… It had taken a good hour before I arrived into town, then I had to walk over to Plaza to join the others in a foul mood due to the journey.

I could only hope the training session would be good to make up for the lost time. There was no sign of Brigitte nor Olivia, even though they had confirmed as coming out today and for the past few weeks. Yet, I had yet to see them out at a training session, unless they trained on their own away from the masses? Matt, Aidan and some other friends of theirs were already training at Plaza when I arrived. A friendly guy called Frankie joined us today too. It was his first community session and so was looking forward to mingle with us and see the training spots. He had been Nottingham based for months but had only recently decided to join the Parkour scene here. He already knew and had trained with the London guys and gals and so he was a veteran of sorts when it came to training. It was another bitterly cold session, I don’t suppose being on an overheated bus for nearly an hour helped with me feeling the cold though. I did some skipping in aid of warming up and hoped to stay warm throughout the day with movement, more so than last week where I was feeling cold the entire time of being out. The regulars arrived slowly but surely, Mat, Holbrook, Pete, James, Femi and a few other ways and strays raising the overall numbers.


Pete - Muscle Up.

Pete – Muscle Up. © James Allen


I didn’t find being at Plaza quite as tedious today, the place was loitered with people and I found myself doing some diving kongs over the smaller walls with Matt and Aidan, as well as practising some kong precisions on the medium wall. Which I might add were terrible as I tried to get used to skip step technique when doing them, feeling like a complete newbie and bumbling my footing up. Though it was short lived as the Plaza security guard, came out saying we had to move on and used the same old excuses… This always seems to happen when lots of people are out and has been the same for many years. Going through stages where we would always be moved off then for months be fine, it must depend how predictable we are and when the guard is working. People collected their stuff and headed up to Mansion Studios, while Ben waited for Emma to arrive to say hello while she was in town shopping with her dad. I hadn’t yet met Emma, even though we had been virtual friends for years and yet I had yet to be out on the few rare occasions she had come out with Ben. Saying that I had been injured and inactive for many years, though I wouldn’t blame Em for not being out of late due to her having a rough time of it with operations and misfortune for the last year or so too.

We made our way up to Mansion Studios, just as we had turned the corner from Plaza, Kezza arrived joining us on our walk. He explained that he was late after his tram had broken down on the way to town and then he had to wait for another tram to arrive. He was a bit disappointed that we had been moved off Plaza, as he wanted to train there first. On arriving at Mansion Studios it was wet and it wasn’t too long until we all moved on, heading over to Bilbie Walk again, going via High Pavement first for a brief pit stop. The reason for this was so I could see the area again as well as get everyone to do some muscle ups too. Reluctant to use the bar because it was square and hurt the wrists and hands so people said. I don’t think it’s bad at all, never has been in my experience. It was great as one by one everyone gave them a go, even the ones who struggled with them gave it their best shot. It was the second week in a row we had ended up at Bilbie. Tiring our legs with box jumps over each railing. We did some Korean dips on them too and while members of the public passing by looked in disarray. I got my camera out and took some shots of Kezza doing wallspins on the corner of the building, which came out quite nicely.


Kezza – Wallspin.


Jp and Holbrook were doing some monstrous rail precisions… From the main railing to one of the bike rails. As well as downwards to the steps handrail too, the force and distance looked insane in the photos. On a few attempts Holbrook did of the jump, it even uprooted the railing out of the ground as he landed due to the force, as he tried to stick the jump. I don’t think it could take many more jumps, or wouldn’t be long until it completely uprooted if lots of people practised the jump. Jp was practising a running pop vault up to the black railing before jumping across to the bike railing. While Jp made the gap look effortless, Holbrook struggled more with it as a static jump. Bouncing off each time he landed or landed very crouched and low. I didn’t take many photos from this point. I had snapped a few shots, but then started to feel cold and decided I would just train instead. James had been taking photos throughout the day and those shots can be seen on his James Allen Visual [1] Facebook page, if you want to view what sort of images he has taken from the day.

We moved down to the main wall again, pop vaulting up it and doing the catleap. As well as doing dynos from the smaller ledge under it enough for your fingers, both static and running up to the wall. Ben did an interesting move, where he ran and jumped from the floor grabbing the top of the wall like some basketball player slam dunking. After seeing this we all tried to mimic it too, many of us failing or cutting our hands open on the top of the wall. Some of the guys had found a small purple, stress ball behind the back of the wall and that resulted in throwing it around the place, bouncing on and off the walls. There were some fatal shots when it was being lobed around though, a few near misses and even a head shot to boot. There was a funny shot when James was doing a pop wall climb and the ball ricocheted of a wall then hit and rolled all the way down his shoulder and along his arm as he climbed up before flicking off into the air behind him which looked awesome! We also spend a considerable amount of time shimmying along the outer window ledges of the building, helping hold each other and directing to foot and hand placements when needed. This challenge was great fun, with everyone getting involved.


Holbrook – Precision.


We then moved over to Gray Walls, another retro spot, if a lot smaller than it was all those years ago. Precision jumps, diving same level kongs and kong precisions were all happening. While some of the group Mat, Holbrook and Jp were busy filming and doing pimp flips off a nearby tree. Another crazy flippy movement, which had members of the public who walked pass look in astonishment and confusion at what was happening. I did wish that the gray walls hadn’t been so demolished, as it was a really nice training area before the building was modernised and the adjoining walls removed. The other side of the building had the walls still in tact but the side which was good for training no longer had them. It was starting to feel colder and darker now, along with this it became moister too. People spoke about moving to Auditorium as that is always dry even when it’s darker and has plenty of lighting too and with that people broke off to get food and then made their way there. Once again, when arriving at Audo it was one of those end of day sessions where it was super cold, and due to having cooled down I sat and ate and loitered around the place rather than training like James, Pete and Femi were doing. I felt too tired and cold that I was deciding when to leave for home. Matt was ready to go as was Ben and I decided that I would join them when they left while the others remained jumping around, keeping warm at the top of the area.

We left them too it, with a wave goodbye from afar as we made out way out of the area. It wasn’t until I had returned home and once the rest of the guys had got home too that I heard they had been doing a crazy climb up routine in set of 10 climb-up’s, having a rest then doing ten or five more at a time, completing a total of 50 climb ups for the evening. A feat which felt crazy to them and felt very accomplishing and destroying body wise. I mentioned on James status that in the past I had partook in doing 50 climb ups too with Phil and others who were out [2] back then and found it pretty easy, which quickly escalated to doing 100 with Yaz. James didn’t believe this at first, as it seemed too impossible and perhaps he thought I was trolling him trying to put a dampener on his achievement. I said we’ll try and do a 100 again some time in the future if they like, as it’s a good workout. Femi claimed that is mad and had been reluctant to do anything more than fifty that had destroyed him beyond belief. I hadn’t done a hundred climb ups since 2012, when I was still fit and able, unlike nowadays in my weaker state. Though, I guess we shall find out how tough it is as and when we do decide to do the challenge…


Holbrook – Precision.


Holbrook – Precision.


Jp – Precision.


Kezza – Wallspin.


Kezza – Wallspin.


Kezza – Wallspin.


Kezza – Wallspin.


Mat – Diving Cartwheel.


Jp – Precision.


Jp – Precision.


Jp – Precision.



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