Wet, Plaza Reunion.


Ben – Portrait.


For the past week I had made a concious decision that I would go out training at the weekend, that and a few others had suggested I should go along now my ankle was feeing better from the operation. I had been waiting ages for the weather to be kind, though my ankle felt like it would be able to withstand being in the hardness of town now, maybe I could even do a few jumps like I do at the park too? The forecast was set to be dry, I hoped that would remain the same in the coming days. There were set to be quite a few people out when I asked who was going, including the VTM guys too. There was no community event created like all those years ago, nothing mentioned on the Parkour Nottingham page. I knew James and Pete would be out and maybe Phil too who had been out the last few weeks in a row. I know from the photos that the sessions were smaller than years ago, that wouldn’t stop it from being a good day right? I got an early night for once in the aid of being able to wake up early and get ready for the session, though I was feeling restless and found it hard to get to sleep knowing I had to be up. In the middle of the night I woke up and heard the heavens had opened up and thought to myself that is just typical and it will no doubt carry on tomorrow.

I woke up, looked out the window to see it was raining, everywhere drenched which made me sad and not want to venture out to training at all. It seemed people were feeling much the same about the day too, concerned it would be a wasted journey. Kezza seemed to not be bothered about coming out, he didn’t even respond to the messages I sent, even though it said he had seen them. No doubt too busy bumming gaming, it seemed becoming a prestige on Advanced Warfare was far more important than training with friends and having a good day out… I slowly got ready with the hope it wouldn’t keep raining and sure enough it had started to brighten up, though I highly doubted it would dry up as it wasn’t a warm enough day to do that. I left my drenched like street and caught the bus to town, arriving to see masses of graduation students teeming the city centre with their black gowns. I thought that only happened during the summer months not December time?! I arrived at Plaza a little after twelve to find Matt, Aiden and a few other VTM people already there, Plaza was empty. I wanted to get there for 12pm to make the most of the day and daylight as when people meet at one I feel by the time you’ve waited for everyone to arrive it’s nearly two or later and then it’s dark at four and so seems a waste.


Ben – Portrait.


Plaza had changed since the last time I had visited, the flowerbeds now full of wood chippings, there was no plant life or thorn bushes in them and all the walls looked clean and fixed. The glass still littered the main pavement area, it felt great to be back in the city though, seeing the area, smelling the familiar smells and touching the cold, rough rails and walls. Everything movement wise to me looked impossible to do though, even a simplest lazy vault wasn’t as enticing as it once was and scared me. I was surprised not to see Ben or Adam here yet, as they had left early in the morning and said they would be in town before eleven, even before I arrived. They were running late and arrived a little after I thought of them – talk of the devil and he is sure to appear. James, Ben, Mat and Holbrook all arrived not long after and it seemed like the session was expanding. The session was much smaller than I had expected. I wanted a good old session where many people came out to train, the area flooded with people jumping around. We spent quite a bit of time at Plaza, I didn’t mind though it had been years since I had been here. I wanted to train but still had ankle fears, a few vaults here, and some jumps there to get my bearings. Finding out that it was much harder to jump these days, I felt so heavy and slow when I moved, my precision jump distance was halved too.

I could oddly enough still do diving kongs and didn’t have a fear of them on the smaller wall, but my kong precisions were terrible, even my technique. Struggling to tuck my legs, taking off for them felt such an odd thing to do too. I had the fear of clipping my feet once again, like in the beginning of training. My climb ups were sluggish and slow, it was all rather depressing. How and why was I so rubbish, I had felt like I was making decent progression at the park and yet here it hadn’t transitioned at all. I decided to get my camera out to take some shots rather than jump around getting more saddened. I took some photos of Ben doing a wallflip, it felt ages since I had taken some training photos and so I was feeling creative and fresh. The images of the wallflip came out brilliantly, better than I had thought. I really loved them, the way Ben is in focus amongst the dark background and the highlight of the yellow lines, with the ever so slight brightness from the light which was on was perfect. His body position was perfectly timed too and added to the shots. It was still wet from the rain and with that the group decided to take a walk up to the Mansion Studios area to see if it was any better or at least drier there, it wasn’t but still worth a session.


Ben – Wallflip.


The pebbles of the area were moist, the ground too but the walls there were those kind, which always remained dry even when it had rained. I did the main catleap to the wall which felt hard to do and I struggled with a climb up, the precision back felt far and I landed like a ten tonne elephant which jarred my lower back and hurt my legs on impact. I loitered around the area not sure what to do and still felt on a downer, I watched as Mat and some of the other guys were doing some striding along the walls diagonally to a small catleap, and possible drop down 180 cat and back up. It looked fun and I decided to see if I could do it too. I felt uneasy striding onto my affected ankle, I know it wouldn’t give out, but it was always there at the back of my mind. It felt nice to part take in a community movement game and feel like I was training like I used to all those years ago. I was already feeling drained and we hadn’t been out all that long either. Mat was doing a climb / muscle up on the overhanging roof girder, a challenge which everyone took part at doing there on afterwards. The best part was when they tried to get above the ledge, it made it look as if they were some out of water flailing salmon desperate to return back to the water as they struggled against gravity.

Mat and Holbrook were doing the precision down but then wanted to do a front tuck after the landing, things have really changed since I last trained over the years. The standard of training has increased tenfold. I captured a few portraits while the guys were on the roof ledge and I did try to capture some images of the jumps too, but didn’t like how they came out as most were blurred. The catleap seemed to not be enough for people now and then turned into catting to the rail, then landing on the rail as a precision jump and upwards to the wall. Sark ended up pulling the rail half out after an attempt, being a fatter than the other guys. His words, not mine! It wasn’t long before everyone we moved over to Audo, it was getting dark and cold now and even though I followed I didn’t do much at all, I was feeling the cold and my ankle had started to hurt me now, the cold, impacts and strides were no doubt the cause. Their were some teens who were drinking in the area and it seemed they have sprayed graffiti on the walls too, cretins. I decided to call it a day and head off before I froze to death. Overall it had been a great day out, my calve muscles are totally pulled now though after warming up at home and I expect them to only get worse.


Holbrook – Portrait.


Ben – Wallflip.


Ben – Wallflip.


Ben – Wallflip.


Ben – Wallflip.



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