Red, White & Blue.


Zade (Me) – Muscle Up.


No, not the red white and blue of the British flag, there is no patriotism in this blog entry. Just the colours of choice which each of us were wearing for the day of training. I don’t know why, but we all have our own colour of choice while out training. Go, go, Power Rangers! I am very fond of blue, but just as much as I am fond of it, I then went through phases of wearing burgundy, green and purple. It didn’t stop there, hell I’ve been through all the possibilities of a colour wheel. It’s difficult to pick a favourite. I do try and mix and match each time I go out to keep things different for photos. For this particular day my colour of choice was red, seeing as I had become really fond of my red vest and it matching with my burgundy t-shirt. David is always in his bright blue t-shirt, while Kezza liked to be in white like a giant human condom of a man.

I was in a photographing mood and wanted to try and capture more workout based images today. Something which may prove difficult to show without it being video based. The park was dead with it being a weekday and it felt awesome to have an empty park with no one in the background or way of shots. It would seem they would all come out fantastically and perfect. I had so many ideas for workout shots, but whether they translate is another matter. I’ve always felt workout images look too staged and tricks people into believing they are doing the exercises, where as in videos you see the proof. David had smooth double armed muscle ups now and has been finding them easier than the past, where he would pull up to his chest then swing back and forth from that position until he could pull over the bar. He enjoyed the fact that he could do multiple reps of them too, feeling strong as he didn’t think he could do more than one rep at  time.


David – Plyometric Press-up.


The weather looked dull and like it might rain at any time but it was still nice and warm. I drilled some kong precisions which felt easier now I hadn’t got the fear of my ankle snapping when landing on the stump. My own muscle ups felt good as did my grip strength and pull ups too. I didn’t have to rush to do repetitions and could do a certain amount of reps and then hang and rest before doing more, rather than go all out before having to drop off the bar. I’m so glad I have muscle ups again, after it taking me months and months to get them back again! I captured some close shots of myself and David doing Muscle Ups, which I felt came out really nice. As did the few kong precision images I took too. The problem with capturing exercising is trying to capture all of the motion, if you crop it people will say it’s faked or staged, yet if you take it full too far away, you can’t get close enough to the action.

I had some really interesting shots when shooting Kezza holding a handstand and donkey kicking out of it so he landed on the exact same spot where his hands were. The images made it look as if he was doing a diving kong in some of the shots. I really liked the way those images have came out, and need to take more such images of them too! The images I captured of vaulting over the railing, which are quite close up have a nice feel to them as well, more so the kong precision of David from underneath. Another strange shot was when David was doing some stretching in the press up position and doing side to side ones, in the image it looks very abnormal to the usual press ups. This also led to taking images and trying to capture superman press ups too and on a few occasions we would try to extend for too long in the air and hit the ground with our chest and faces.


Kezza – Donkey Kick.


Many of you will have noticed in some shots I am wearing some thin gloves, the bog standard workman gloves, with gripping on the palms for added grip. I only wear these while working out on the bars, as when you don’t wear gloves if it is a really warm day the hands sweat and you begin to lose grip, the same goes for when you are naturally getting tired from hanging too. Yet with the gloves you are able to hang for the maximum amount of time you can, truly fatiguing yourself. So that is the reason I use them for that added grip while working out, plus in winter when it’s super cold it’s a blessing on the hands rather than feeling like you have frostbite from holding the frozen bars. If I were to use them for Parkour, that is when I would class it as strange and untimely gay bar! I don’t get why the small percentage of people use gloves for Parkour training as I don’t see the benefit at all from using them, unless you like to have smooth baby like hands and want to avoid getting calluses and cuts.

Ben and Steve had arrived later in the day, Ben had finished work and thought he would pop down for a session and didn’t expect to see people to be out and Steve was down to train on on his resistant bands to try and get some more Muscle Ups and front lever practise done. It was a fun day, great to see more people attending even though they never planned to be out initially. I tried to capture some images of doing typewriter / side to side pull ups, I quite like how they came out. You get the idea of what is being done even if it’s only half seen in the images, I did take lots of shots to get the right feel to the image. As if you wasn’t totally over the bar and the same level the rail blocked what was being done and didn’t look all that great. It’s something I need to practise more with, for other exercises. The shot I am most pleased with is the last one of David doing a reverse / elevator muscle up while hanging from the bar upside down, the shading of the shot and the sunset in the background made it perfect, along with his facial expression too.


Zade (Me) – Pull Up.


David – Muscle Up.


David – Muscle Up.


Zade (Me) – Kong Precision.


David – Kong Precision.


Zade (Me) – Speed Vault.


David – Press-up.


David – Front Lever.


David – Plyometric Press-up.


Zade – Plyometric Press-up.


Kezza – Donkey Kick.


Zade (Me) – Muscle Up.


David – Kong Precision.


David – Kong Precision.


Zade (Me) – Kong Precision.


David – Inverted Muscle Up.



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