The Pain Which Comes…


Elliot – Back Tuck.


The pain which comes from working out never ceases to amaze me. No matter how well conditioned you are, if you push hard you will always get (DOMs) that delayed onset muscle soreness. Some love that feeling while others hate to suffer in that pain. It has been around a month now since my ankle surgery and I decided seeing as I was able to walk very slowly at best that I would take a wander over to the park and test how it feels outdoors. Obviously it’s still very swollen and painful, but it’s getting better slowly but surely and today I would be able to gauge how it was as a whole after some normality use. The biggest issue I had was getting there, it was a very long and slow pace, being careful not to place my foot in any awkward positions or down any grooves in the pavement along the way. Mobility within my ankle is very limited and so if it does bend more than normal, even from walking it hurts as if I had taken a stabbing to the foot. It felt great to be outdoors again, having done nothing for a month, I felt unfit again and weak. The good news is my shoulder didn’t feel as sore as it has in the past, since tearing the ligaments in it. I’m hoping that all the rest meant it has healed or is well on the way to being healed now.

We met at twenty past four, later than most sessions we have had in the past, sure usually met at two o’clock but this was much later, it seems we are meeting up later and later as the year goes on. There were masses of kids swarming the park and it seemed like no one would be out training today and this had all been a wasted journey. Adam arrived along with his friend Jack, but were both intimidated by the masses of kids in the way, cluttering up the park. There were also lots of people standing and watching in general as the guys moved around the park training. Later on Kezza arrived, riding in on his bicycle and I was even more surprised to see Stefano crossing the field to join in on the training session! Things were looking up, the group was expanding and it was one of those days where people felt drained and not in the mood to jump around until the park had cleared a bit. Seeing as Jack wanted to do front tucks we moved over to the field so he could try some and Stef said he could help him with his technique. Kezza hadn’t done tricks in ages and it all felt a bit alien to him now, as he had been used to working out and training Parkour instead.


Kezza – Front Tuck.


The front tuck attempts from Jack were low and without a tuck, resulting in him landing on his ass and/or back, but props to him for even trying them on flatland. We all used to land like that in the beginning of our tricking careers and it was funny to think how far people come with constant training. I got my camera out and took photos of the guys tricking, it felt quite refreshing shooting images on the field compared to the park. I also had an itching for wanting to do tricks too (not that I could in my current state) I wanted to know if I could still do some as it had been two or more years since I had last be able to do a trick. I experimented with some macro shots focused on the grass, while having the guys blurred in the background tricking. Some of these shots seemed to work really nicely, I felt on fire with my photography again, even a few silhouette images looked good too.

Elliot had finally arrived, he complained about how much he hates buses Sunday service and how obscure they are. It was gay time all round as we tackled him to the ground with a pile on, Elliot embraced it and seemed to enjoy it a little too much… Laughing and smiling with all the men piled on top of him. We ended up heading back over to the park which had now died down and all the children had dispersed no doubt for tea time before being out for a second burst. My ankle was already feeling tired and sore but I needed to make sure to blast some working out before I left, I couldn’t let my month off for recovery turn me back onto the vegetation track of not doing anything at all. It was a a tough mental battle to even do pull ups, I couldn’t jump up to the bar due to my ankle, nor climb on the railings. I had to grab a vertical bar and hop off one leg and pull on that same bar to reach the horizontal top one for the pull ups.


David – Handstand.


I felt tired doing a few pull ups, but did them along with some press ups, korean dips and other exercises. People wanted to do an ab circuit and so I got my pad of paper out with a circuit of 15 exercises and let the guys decide on how many reps we did on each exercise, 15, 20 or 25? The guys decided on 25 for each, something they regretted saying a few exercises in to the circuit, Stefano decided to call it a day from training and forget doing the ab workout and with that he left. It was great hearing the others complain about the exercises and in agony as their abs tightened up with each new exercise and asking if we had done half of the circuit yet to which the answer was always no. Steve arrived finally and jumped into the circuit, excited and also no doubt annoyed he had missed some of the fun already. After this the next challenge was press ups. We all held a press up position then in turn all did one rep and repeated until it was the last man standing. While we were on some serious endurance challenges the next one was a small five by five circuit consisting of pull ups, dips, press ups, skipping and abs.

After that people still wanted more and so we decided on dips, in a single file we all did one dip and carried on that way, then it increased to more reps each time like five and ten. It ended with people dropping out and we still carried on well over fifty reps and then it came to a stand stalemate, lats, shoulders and triceps burning it was a challenge which had to be stopped as it wouldn’t ever finish with a declared ‘winner’ as such. I think the day was done now, most people being destroyed Kezza, said he was shattered and spent most the time sitting down or laying on the floor. Adam complained about being tired but would do more if others did! It had been a great day of training and even David ended up arriving with his dog Charlie and then we had a second wind of training and working out. That and some of the guys fussed Charlie and I took a few portraits too, which came out better than I expected. I suspect tomorrow I will be in immense pain, but I am looking forward to the next time I get to go out again, I guess after all I won’t be missing the summer sessions as I had first though.


Kezza – Back Tuck.


Kezza – Back Tuck.


Kezza – Cheat Gainer.


Stefano – Cork.


Kezza – Portrait.


Kezza – Portrait.


Kezza – Portrait.


Charlie & Elliot – Portrait.


Stefano – Front Tuck.


Stefano – Front Tuck.


Stefano – Front Tuck.


Stefano – Back Tuck.


Stefano – Back Tuck.


Stefano – Back Tuck.


Stefano – Front Tuck.


Bike Bell.


Adam – Dipping.


Steve – Dip.


Charlie – Portrait.



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