Beards, Flips & Portraits.


Yaz – Portrait.


I was excited for training today and wanted to make sure I was awake and on time to the jam for once, something I seemed to be ahead of schedule with today.  I managed to get out the house and into town before the one o’clock meet up made my way to Plaza to find Mat sitting eating his food, shortly followed by Pete and Blair entering the area and then Ben, Daniel and Kriss and finally Yaz arriving with his stubble beard which he wanted everyone’s opinions on. If enough people liked it then he might keep it depending on the verdicts. I thought it suited him really well, as did other people, most seemed to agree he should keep it… All apart from James who said it made him look scummy like a homeless man and it isn’t how he should look. He needs to shave it off to look like a Bollywood movie star and not some rough, dodgy looking guy.

People trained at Plaza, while I did my biggest training to date… Talking, moving from person to person catching up on current events. It was great to see another James out today too, I hadn’t seen him out for years but was glad he had decided to come to a Saturday training session again for the banter and manly jumping around. Out of no where Denis had arrived, the person I least expected to come out training! He made sure people were aware he had only come out to socialize and not train, he was already hating the ‘swarm’ of people out which crowded the areas we were at. Zain arrived later on, as did Elliot to complete the old school vibe. While I was chatting to other people I heard James, Denis, Yaz and Zain talking about his beard and mention my name and honed in to that conversation as I looked over towards them making a mental note for later.

Later on while over talking with them I randomly asked what they were talking about and why they mentioned my beard and they all burst out laughing, asking how the hell did I had even hear that when I was over the other side of the area? That and the fact I am able to take a mental note then use it later on like a robot or a Sherlock type memory able to recall all details in full. One reason no doubt I am able to recall and write a vivid, high amount in these blogs, while writing an entry. It was a nice day so far, until the regular security guy came out to move everyone away from the area. We moved across the road to the Atrium area instead where the group split with some people going to IBM, some to Mansion Studios and the rest remaining at Atrium.


Holbrook – Precision.


I got my camera out to take some photos although I wasn’t overly feeling photography today and captured very few shots compared to normal. A couple of portraits of Yaz and his stubble beard and other portraits with some tricking shots later on in the day. I did experiment with trying to get a shot of the guys doing a precision on the rails (seen above) but couldn’t find the right angle for it, unlike Ben and James who got really nice angles of it. I also missed an opportunity of a shot while some of the guys were on the roof, which would have been nice but later on used a similar shot for Yaz’s swinging around the pole.

It was a rather lazy day and I wasn’t doing much at all, I knew I should be taking photos but hadn’t got the regular photography buzz I usually get, something I knew I would regret when going home later. Even though Zain was out today he was wearing some tight work trousers to try and stop himself from training as his army test was soon and he didn’t want to be injured, even though I joked that he would end up being injured again and it would get rescheduled. Which did sadly happen days later when he pulled a calf or something, it felt like he may never get there at this rate!

Mansion Studios was the next area for training, the guys were tricking mainly on the soft ground and I captured some images as well as Elliot posing, one of my favourite images of the day. James can be seen in the background taking a photo of Yaz who seems to have the sun shining out of his arse… I got a couple of artist shots and tried to get a few nice portrait of Danno, which didn’t happen. James was in the mood and loving the golden hour, which provided him with some really top quality shots unlike myself. It was starting to get much colder now the sun was setting and most people were heading off home, I stayed a bit longer but as the cold was getting to me I too decided to call it a day and leave early in need of getting warm again. It wasn’t as good of day as last weekend, but still fun nevertheless.


Yaz – Portrait.




Camera Strap.


Yaz – Portrait.


Yaz – Portrait.


Yaz – Pole Swinging.


Yaz – Pole Swinging.


Denis – Falling.


Elliot – Portrait.


Pete – Front Tuck.


Pete – Front Tuck.


Ben – Front Tuck.


Yaz – Front Tuck.


Pete – Sideflip.


Elliot – Portrait.



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