The Life of Riley.


Seanno, Jp & Jack.


I woke up and had no intention of going out today as I was tired from yesterdays antics, my body was sore and I once again hadn’t slept well. I seen a few messages on the Parkour Park page with people asking who was out training, the weather looked nice and it wasn’t predicted to rain which is always a  bonus. Phil wouldn’t be attending this weekend due to work and so I didn’t hold much hope of others being out either, I decided I would chill for the rest of the day. This was interrupted when Riley popped up on Facebook chat informing me he was going to the park today. He has been over here in the UK for a few weeks now, doing a road trip through some of the English cities before returning back to the land of Canada. He had already been in Nottingham for a week, but the weather was dreadful and he had only managed to get a bit of a training done on the first day of being here. I told him I wasn’t planning on going out today. Riley had left Friday but had come back today because he had left some things at Matt’s and had realised he had bought a return ticket by mistake so it worked out for the best forgetting some of his stuff and being able to return for it.

It was already 2pm and I was almost ready to head off, so I got my stuff together and headed on over to the park to see who was out. Only really expecting to see Stefan who had for once said he would be out training. I arrived to find no Nico as he was busy but instead found Andy, Stefan, Will, Seanno, Jack and Jp jumping around on the park, along with the many other random kids who were out training the park too. Will had his camera out and wanted to make a day video of the guys training at the park so was shooting at various times throughout the day while they were training for footage but in the end it was saved for a future video edit ‘Golden Solstice‘. Jack’s beard was growing nicely and he had the chin curtain going on, along with his bandanna to go with the look. He mentioned how it’s taken months before he has been able to grow a beard and he wants it much longer and thicker than it is now. It wasn’t too long before some meat heads came wandering through the park asking if we knew a Daniel, and who is the best out of us all and what can people do. They stuck around doing a few things, talking to the others and watching as Jp and Jack did lache gainers and losers off the bars before disappearing as quickly as they had appeared.


Jack – Portrait.


There were quite a few spectators today and a mass of people who were using the workout park, not to mention the amount of kids using the park too, vaulting, jumping, climbing and swinging from the obstacles. Whether this is set to die down over time as the novelty wears off and the winter draws in, only time will tell. A negative thing about the park today was what some douche bags had done near walls, they had tried to set the rubber flooring on fire and the floor near the walls was now all seared from the attempt. I thought this area was better than this and it just goes to show there will always be some bottom feeders wanting to destroy things like the cretins they are. It’s a real shame and I’m glad it has only been done in the one place which even though it smells really bad currently and leaves black markings and stains on clothing and the walls, over time it’s had no real devastating effect on the park or training there and after some rainfall the marking had stopped. The other problem we have encountered over time was some graffiti on the walls which at first the council was going to paint over, which would have wrecked the area and grip of them, thankfully some practitioners were there training when they were going to do that to let them know it would be a very bad idea to do so and instead they used chemicals to burn away the vandalism.

It’s always great to meet other guys who are training on the park and see everyone having a good time and being creative in the sun. I’m quite happy with the images I captured from today more so of the multi-person shot where everyone was doing a run together in a synchronized manner that one came out great. I really should experiment more with those kind of shots, as they come out really interesting and different to the bog standard single shot and movement ones. Another past time at the park is for people playing ‘horse’ in which people take it in turns to set a challenge followed by others recreating it. If they failed to do the set challenge they receive a letter of the word this continues until it spells out the chosen word. The winner is obviously the last man or woman standing with the least letters and having out witted all the opponents with the movements at hand.


Jp – Swing Loser.


Jack – Swing Gainer.


Jack – Lache Precision.


JP, Will & Jack.


Jp – Swing Loser.


Jack – Lache Precision.


Riley – Portrait.



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