Silly As a Goose.


Nottingham Goose Fair.


Each year Nottingham has ‘Goose Fair’ an annual fun fair, which comes to the city and locates as well as taking over the whole of the Forest Recreational Ground for the first week in October. During this time it is an absolute nightmare getting to and from the city centre due to all the avid fans and thrill seekers alike, off for a day and night at the fun fair. If you thought peek time was bad imagine that ten fold with slow moving traffic and at times gridlock. I try at all costs to avoid going out to town or that way while it is on seeing as my main bus routes have to go through that area to get to town, which is madness. There are blockades for traffic, police patrolling and masses of crowds moving through the area like a heard of wild animals. With all this said it does look pretty with all the lights of the rides flickering.

I wasn’t planning on going to the Saturday training session due to this reason as the weekend is always the busiest time for the fair, that and I had spent most of the night being wide awake unable to sleep and due to this I felt drained. I woke up at a very late, one o’clock, and saw all the Facebook statuses on my news feed about who was heading out and who wasn’t feeling like going out even though the weather was dry and looked like it would hold up for most of the day. I contemplated it but kept putting myself off with all the reasons why it wouldn’t be worth going out. It was getting closer to two o’clock and I had already ate and decided to throw on some clothes and head out rather then waste a day. The traffic wasn’t half as bad as I had expected, with only a minor delay at the roundabout before the fair, that and the constant stopping to pick up people on the way.

I arrived in town and made my way to the IBM area finding people already jumping, there was fewer people than I had thought from all the commotion which was posted on Facebook. There was the usual suspects out from the Nottingham community, some guys from Birmingham and London, while the new recruits from Trent Parkour had come and gone all in the space of an hour, typical part-timer behaviour. James informed me that Denis had already gone AWOL with Vincent, most likely to be in Carlton like they discussed via Facebook to get away from the ‘swarm’ of the main group. Who knows maybe they even went on another roof expedition. Denis really seems to get off on that kind of thing and it has fast become an obsession of his of late. I spent a bit of time talking to Sark about the early years of training and the blog posts of the past I am always updating and posting via Facebook for others to enjoy reading and looking through the photos. He was saying how he enjoys seeing the photos and how he doesn’t remember half of those sessions until he reads them and then the memories come flooding back like the day that they happened.


James & Sark – Portraits.


It wasn’t too long before people were on the move to the Auditorium/Amphitheatre area and while I waited there for the others to return from the shops, I tried to get some portrait shots of Zain, who wasn’t having any of it and hid behind his bag and ran away each time I would get close to him. He has got a bit annoyed at the fact all his Facebook profile consists of is self portraits and that makes him in a way look vain I guess, even for Zain… I did let him take a few photos with my camera of me and others, though he needed some practise as they were all out of focus or he would miss the intended shot. Others were enjoying the training and area, although I felt tired and wasn’t in the mood for photos as such. I really needed to get some today, but the overcast day only dampened my enthusiasm for images. Just as the sun makes every photo look beautiful and bold the overcast weather makes the images look dull, dark and boring. While seeing Sark, Pete and James drilling a running precision I decided to take some photos only to notice after taking many of the shots that Sark had trolled James by exposing his bare arse in the background of every shot I had taken! A hideous sight which is uncalled for and not something that I need to scar my mind with.

I did a few climb ups with Zain who was busy doing sets of them on a wall and wanting to get them so they were faster and looked nice. Howard was helping him by giving advice on how to improve them. I wondered down to the bottom of the area and got a few more photos, some of Sark practising a run, vaulting walls and doing a running precision. There wasn’t much else going off at this area so I decided to go back up to the top and put my camera away. Whenever I would do this people would gather in one area or be doing something cool which would make for an excellent photo, it was rather frustrating when that would happen and yet if I had had my camera out at the time I doubt it would have happened at all. I watched the cool kids as they did flips around the area, and noticed that Denis and Vincent had returned to the main group. Denis was moaning about how boring the area was and how he wanted to explore more roofs because in the end they didn’t go to Carlton and instead were down near Castle College. He sat, moaned and tried to recruit others for his roof escapades.


Denis – Speed Vault.


I had set up a lovely shot and wanted an image of me doing a precision jump, only to realize I can no longer jump such distances and had to instead manage with one of me balancing on the rail. Deflated and sad about past achievements and the heart ache or being forever hampered and semi-disabled with my ankle, I got Pete and Howard to do a few precision jumps from the rail instead, while I experimented with the lighting of the shot. People had now moved areas and Denis had once again vanished from the main group, while myself and Zain remained in the Auditorium area and wanted to practise more climb ups. My frail body would not permit such an act though and in the end we decided to silently disperse from the area and Jean who was cooling down and make our way down to the castle area where the rest of the group was gathered. They were playing around on a tree and the nearby college and then the group dispersed into smaller factions going to areas of their choosing.

I got a few shots of the guys using the blue bar for pull ups, muscle ups and ab work. I partook in the upper body workout with Phil, Zain and Conor to get some sort of workout today and only to realize how much of an effort it is to remain at a decent fit standard. James was yet again battling with the demons of the running catleap, while Pete seemed to be breaking barriers left right and centre. Denis had arrived back to the main group and still he wanted to explore more roofs, and kept tempting Zain to go… Which they did after everyone called it a day. A friend of Phil’s, Nico, came into the area with his friend to speak to use and capture some images of the day. Tough the day was coming to an end with dusk hitting and me finding it harder to take photos without sacrificing the overall quality. They were mainly of Denis vaulting and flipping over the yellow rail beside the college. It had been another nice day out and I’m glad I made the journey to see everyone and capture some images from the day, without them I wouldn’t have anything to blog or upload from the day.


Zain – Portrait.


Conor – Portrait.


Sark’s Trainers.


Sark – Lazy Vault.


Will – Precision.


Denis – Diving Cartwheel.


Denis – Sideflip.


Denis – Portrait.


Denis – Railflip.


Adam – Side Vault.


James & Sark – Portraits.


James – Running Precision.


Sark – Lazy Vault.


Pete – Precision.


Denis – Front Tuck.


Phil – Muscle Up.


Conor – Pull Up.


Zain – Speed Vault.


Denis – Palm Spin.


Denis – Side Vault.



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