Summer never comes…


Zade (Me) - Hanging Around.


However, when it does arrive here in the UK it’s always for a very short time if at all. People moan about the weather all year round with the classics ‘it’s too cold, it’s always raining, it’s never warm, can’t wait until summer’ you get the idea… Once it is finally warm as a foreign country people still complain but instead about the heat. Oh how, very British of us to do such a thing. People should learn to enjoy the short, warm weather spell we are having. As once it is gone it won’t be coming back again for another year! We seem to if anything, be getting more frequent snowfall each passing year, so why doesn’t that happen with our summers!?

Since the completion of the Nottingham Parkour Park local practitioners have been visiting, the local kids are always training on it and as a whole it is getting it’s fair share of usage. Since living across the road from it I decided to pop over when the guys were training on it, to get some images and see them. So far it’s been a great location to shoot at, especially when it’s golden hour. I’m quite proud of my images and feel as if my style has began to change, in the way I think about photography, my subjects and even the way I shoot my images and include the surroundings. All the images which have been taken of people training on the park can be found HERE.

I’ve spent all weekend at the park with different groups of practitioners and it was relativity dead compared to previous weeks I’ve experienced where it was so packed it was hard to get a move in edge ways. This week due to the extreme heat I think many were enjoying the weather elsewhere or were staying in away from the heat. I know it was sweltering and being at the park we were exposed to the heat with very little if any shade to get away from the sun. Saturday saw James, Pete & Zane out training with a few of the local kids training and watching too before the afternoon heat really became too much for them.


Phil - Lache Cat.


I had fun being out even if I was sat for most of the time feeling my self burning and thinking to myself why did I even bother to come out at all. I bumped into David who I hadn’t seen in years and he came over to talk and do a few moves too, which I captured a few images of. Throughout the day we had fun and giggles, at one stage a guy who was on the park with his son was trying some big precision jumps with the guys. As well as topping up our tans we all had forgotten the concept of time and before we knew it, it was past 7pm already and yet it felt like we had only been at the park for a short stint.

Sunday I headed over to the park later in the day around 2pm and was already feeling shattered from being out the previous day and still feeling sore from sunburn and itchy from the heat rash. I joined Phil, Pete and Zane again for what would be Zane’s last training session in Nottingham before he moved back to Oldham since finishing university here. It’s always sad to see another fellow practitioner leave, though it is a way of life and I’ve seen many pass through Nottingham over the years. David joined us later in the day for training, it wasn’t until later in the day when I decided to capture a few images of the guys training.

I think over the next few weekends or when people let me know they are heading over to the park I’ll be out more to take images, I’ve included a few shots which I had taken one evening in the week when Will, his friend, Zain & Denis was out too amongst the other shots. I need to get more images of people training there and fully experiment with what sort of shots I can get in the future, it proves to be only a positive thing. If you wish to keep up to date with training sessions, challenges and such things at the Parkour park click HERE to join an open group about it.


Zain – Portrait.


Will – Double Kong.


Will – Double Kong.


Zain – Portrait.


Will - Portrait.


David - Kong Underbar.


David - Kong Underbar.


Zane - Portrait.


Pete - Precision.


Phil - Precision.


David - Lache Cat.


Will - Portrait.


Phil - Swinging.


Denis – Kong Roll.


Will – Kong Precision.


Denis – Sideflip.


Denis - Portrait.


David - Kong Underbar.


Zane - Portrait.


Pete Precision.


Pete - Handstand.


David - Striding.


Phil - Portrait.


Phil - Running Stride.


Phil - Precision.



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