Spring is upon us, once again.


Today I woke up early and with the weather looking so nice, I wondered whether I should venture into town or not for the Saturday training session. What with my ankle hurting all of the time it would be somewhat of a challenge, as I struggle to walk to the local shops never mind town where I would be standing and using it throughout the day. I was feeling dammed if I did and dammed if I didn’t, I would end up annihilating the ankle either way. If I didn’t go out, I would have missed a great day for photography which would have been equally annoying and maybe, just maybe the ankle would hold out for once too! I arrived in town just after two o’clock and rang Kinga to find where everyone was located, they were up training at Houses which wasn’t the best area for me, with it being uphill all the way there. I limped my way to the area and found not many to be out, the group had split already with half training at houses while the rest were across at High Pavement tricking on the pebbles.

I decided to try some climb ups while at Houses which I did try last time I was out [1] and felt rather disappointed, this time proved no better. I could just about get above the wall, but it was a slow and painful raise out of the motion to the hip cat position. I could feel it in all my arms, shoulders, back and forearms. At least this time I could do them even if it was a struggle and one arm at a time, maybe I could work on them more while being out, though that would be somewhat difficult as my ankle doesn’t last that long for training sessions. I want to do things and do in some respects miss all the training, but I know there is no need to push for it as I’ll only end up making things worse as sad as that is. It was cool to see people out training, nothing has changed, well except for a few new faces, the vibe was very much the same one I had left from being injured.


Stefano – Portrait.


I walked over to High Pavement area and peered around the corner wall and saw many of the guys tricking off the step up and having fun, unaware of me watching them. I then shouted ‘Surprise mofo’s!’ they all squinted and stared confused to who it was until they got closee, a smiling Zain was happy to see me and ran down to greet. I climbed up on to the wall and watched for a bit while others did tricks and chatted with people. It felt strange being out, the dynamics had changed and the session and style of training felt as if it had also shifted to when I had first come out. It wasn’t long until the group split and a few of the guys moved down to Bilbie Walk to train, an old area which doesn’t get much used these days. It was like we hadn’t even been at High pavement long before everyone was set to move, I felt almost invisible as I followed.

Bilbie walk where people were scaling walls and I spoke to Yaz for a bit before I left him to carry on training. He was practising holding some front leavers on the small rails, which looked awesome and is quite a strength feat at that! Some turn vaults on the blue rails were the next thing being done and pop vaults. Down in the main area, people were doing pop vaults, scaling the wall. Yaz was reminded of the worm to climb up from one of my videos, and he also drilled the drainpipe dyno up. Always a hard one for many, as it is quite big. I got many photos of the guys sat atop of the wall, portraits, all while Vince smoked away his life in the corner ‘resting’ which was a debate between the group. One of the portraits I got of Will made him look like a trollface or cartoon character with how close he got to my lens.


Yaz – Dyno.


The next area to train was the Adam’s Building, a rather long walk to the opposite side of town from here, walking through the busy city centre. The pain of my ankle kicking in already, as I hobbled to the area while the rest of the guys sprinted into action. More portraits, and some creativity for my shots as Yaz did some dive kongs with a roll, I also use the foliage to get a shot of Stefano. In the area there was some other random photographers, who were taking shots of the area and the guys who were jumping and flipping around too. Then later some skaters invaded the area, clanking their skateboards as they flailed around the area noisily. Rather than stick around the obvious thing was to move to another area, Contemporary Art.

The scariest part of this day was when Vince was seriously contemplating doing a back tuck off the small concrete slab, egged on by others, fearing for his life by others! I could see this going very wrong, not that he couldn’t do one but you need to have complete faith and control with flips. There wasn’t that much else being done in this area, it was getting cold and I decided I would leave for home, as I was feeling pretty tired and sore ankle wise. One of the earliest times I’ve left a training session, but it can’t be helped. I hope to get out again, as deliberating as it was, it was great to be out in the Parkour atmosphere again!


Stefano – Portrait.


Zane – Kong.


James – Speed Vault.


Kinga – Portrait.


Stefano – Portrait.


Stefano – Portrait.


Stefano – Portrait.


Will – Portrait.


Stefano, James & Howard.


Yaz – Dyno.


James – Pop Wall Climb.


James – Portrait.


James – Portrait.




James – Speed Vault.


Yaz – Diving Kong.


Yaz – Diving Kong.


Yaz – Diving Kong.


Stefano – Running Precision.


Stefano – J-Step.


Stefano – Cheat Gainer.


Will – Round Off.


Will – Back Tuck.



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