Legends Assemble.


Yaz – Brick Touching.


Today I decided to get out of my cave and go to town, on my way limping to the bus stop I had second thoughts about going at all. The bus had drove past me before I got to the stop and I waited for the next one to arrive. I got to town and found Pete, Will and a few others already training at Crowne Plaza. A short while later Zain arrived happy to see everyone and surprised to see me out for once and shortly after followed by Yaz arriving. Me, Zain and Will waved in his direction but a woman in front of him on her phone masked our waves to him and so we kept waving even though she looked completely gone out at us. When Yaz got closer he then realized what we were doing.

I explained to Charlie that my ankle is screwed and so no more training for me again. I watched others train, spoke to the guys and felt bored and sick of Plaza and so had Denis who complained about us being there. After a while of being there me, Will and Yaz went up to the houses are where I got a few shots of them doing tic tac cats/cranes and k2ps. We made our way back to the Atrium where the others were now training at and even bumped into Stefano who was passing by as he walked into town. I felt like the day was over for me, with the few people out and others leaving for home. Zain, Will & Yaz were doing some sort of pain challenge where they all did a circuit of movements involving a same level diving kong followed by rolling on concrete and repeated it in single file until the last man was standing.


Will – Kong Precision.


They did a few more circuits like this one involving a pop wall climb straight into precision across a flowerbed. I took some photos of them during this and also decided to see if I could still climb up, after explaining to Stefano that I no longer have any strength in my body after not training for so long. Much to the disbelief of him and James, I could not get my body above the wall or even hold a cat position at all. Sure, I felt sorry for myself but it is to be expected after being injured for over a year and being inactive for just as long.

A few of the guys moved over to IBM and I took part in the rail balancing challenge around the outside of the area, and a cat crawl after which was murder on my body being so unfit. I spent the rest of my time getting photography of the guys and my creativity seemed to pick up during those last few hours of training. I got promotional type product shots, portraits as well as the usual Parkour movements. Even though it had been a slow day and I felt somewhat rusty with my photography I am still proud of the images I did capture from the day. All the images can be seen below.


Kong Precision.


Will – Kong.


A tatty looking Highland Spring Water.


Highland Spring Water.


Zain describing his favourite sized ‘fun bags’.


Yaz advertising Coke Zero.


Coke Zero a good form of hydration? I think not!


Will – Kong Precision.


Zain, James & Yaz.


Yaz – Tic Tac Crane.


Yaz – Tic Tac Crane.




Yaz – Tic Tac Crane.


Yaz – Tic Tac Crane.


Yaz – Onlooker.


Yaz & Will – Looking at footage.


Yaz & Will


Will – Kong Precision.


Will – Kong Precision.


Zain – Kong.


Yaz’s attempt at looking more intellectual.


Will – Preparation.


Yaz’s worried face?.


Will – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Balancing act.


Yaz – Framing the right shot.


Yaz – Admiring the sunset.


Yaz – Portrait


Yaz – A small man in a big city.


Will & Zain – Listening to some beats.


Will & Zain listening to music. Zain is very into it!


James taking photos.



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