A Winter Walk.


Sign taking a beating from the snow.


What with the surprise snowfall in the early hours of the morning, I decided to take a walk the following evening to get a few snow shots. I was tempted to go out when the blizzard first started and it had settled and looked deep, but decided it might not be a wise idea with it being the early hours of the morning. It kept on snowing all night and most of the following day, so by the time I did venture out that evening it was still coming down tenfold and didn’t look set on stopping any time soon.

I got wrapped up in multiple layers knowing it would be bitterly cold once I was outside. I decided to use a small plastic bag to cover my camera, creating a lens hole at the bottom of the bag. I could still put my hands inside of the bag to see and change all my camera settings without it getting snowed on. I didn’t want to take any changes with it getting wet for the amount of time I would be out walking and taking photos. The plastic bag idea worked better than expected and it kept my camera dry as a bone, even if my hands felt like frozen ice poles .

I took one opportunity to take a long exposure shot to how they work and would come out, and I must admit even though I’ve never done that sort of shot before I did enjoy the final result. I do prefer ones which are subtle like the one I took (seen below). A few I took came out too strong with the light beams and didn’t have as good effect. I felt the one I chose works really well and the hexagons add something extra to the shot. I think in the future I may experiment with more long exposure shots as it’s a different path to go with photography.


Traffic long exposure shot.


I did capture some nice images from the evening’s walk. I was torn between editing the shots in a blue tint as that made them have a very cool and wintery feel, but on the other hand the white with a slight yellow aura from the street lights at night also works just as well. Where as I found if I lightening up the shot so that it was all white like you would see in the daytime took away the shadows and lost it’s overall quality. I did experiment with the colour correcting, with some working better than others, rather than me making them all look the exact same like I had done in the past.

The car lights shot is another one which I was torn between it being a darker or lighter shot! The shot itself has a good feeling, having someone looking directly at the car diving towards them. I do prefer the dark one and how only the car lights are lighting up the overall scene. Both shots work well, equally for different reasons though. I really do love seeing snow, no matter how long it is around for, it makes everything look beautiful, clean and lighter. I like how at night the street lights give the snow an amber tint too. After the first wave of snow it seemed as if it was all melting away, yet it began to come down again and just as thick and fast as the first wave giving us another week of snow fun.


Street lighting, with small flakes of snow.


1am Snow!


Snow Covered.


Tyre Treadmarks.


Tyre Treadmarks (Edited with a cool blue).


Snowy Southglade.


Who’s footprints are these?!




Car lights. (Darker version).


Car lights. (Lighter version).


Sammie not impressed by the blizzard.


Icy Grate.


Second Wave of snow.


More Snow.


Milo – Look it’s snowing!




Snow Cat.


A Snow Covered Road.


Keep on snowing.


Street lit snow.






Lonely Route.


Snow Covered Tree.



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