Bulwell Forest – Parkour Park.


Nottingham has a Parkour park?!

Nearly, I had mentioned briefly back in 2011 that there was a petition which U:R had created and put to the council in hope of getting a Parkour park for the Nottingham area. There has been various meetings regarding it throughout 2012 after it being quiet for a long time. Two smaller parks were built over at Kirkby-In-Ashfield and some thought these were the main project spoke about above, which they were not. Those parks were a different project, by local practitioners from that area and Mansfield who wanted a park building.

At the last Bulwell Forest Parkour park meeting I attended along with a few other practitioners, we were shown four park designs each created from different companies which we then had to look through and make a decision on which one we most favoured. Obviously the company can make a few tweaks and alterations if needed, which would be passed on to them once the winning design had been announced.


Voting for the design you want to see built!

People have until the 28th January 2013 to cast a vote for their favourite park design. So don’t say you haven’t had the chance to get involved and have your say, even if you haven’t been able to attend any of the previous meetings. In March of this year the park will be well under way of being built!

Feel free to see the designs below or in full HERE. Vote for the one you would most like to see built on Bulwell Forest. To vote email James Tilford (provided on the page) with your name, post code and the design you want to see built and anything you would like tweaked to make it better (i.e the position of objects, the material of the objects, flooring and so forth).

Remember try not to think about the park being just for you, but the potential it will give others of the community. Would the park be good enough to cater for all levels of practitioners and does it have a wide range of obstacles for movements?


Personal Opinion.

It was a choice between park  C and D. I disregarded park A due to it looking more like a small children’s park, whether that is the intention or not. I know Lappset have already made various parks, but for me I don’t like how they look or are constructed.

Park B seemed too basic and didn’t have a range of variety, it was a nice idea to have it in a line which allows you to move and practice a run but at the same time that would mean people getting in the way of others and I could see the park itself being limiting in time.

Park C was nice and did remind me of the Freemove events, and how fun their set up was. I really like the fact the design had the shredded tire flooring too as that is by far the best type of flooring for a park and keeps it’s grip even when wet. The only downside I had with the design was the obstacles looked quite spaced out and it seemed to favour those who enjoy rail work.

I was more tempted to go for park D if it had the shredded tire flooring of park C. As for the rail section here I thought it was good but they should perhaps removed that grill type bar from the top to allow people to use it for laches and other movements. I do like how there is a wide range of obstacles and they are all close together to enable you to move freely and link everything together. It seems to cater for everyone, walls, rails and even conditioning.

Those are my thoughts about the designs and I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks, and which park gets the most votes and wins. It will be good to have a park within Nottingham which I’m sure many of the community will visit and spend time at once it is completed, it’s been long over due.


Park Design A.


Park Design B.


Park Design C.


Park Design D.



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