Sun, Flips and Portraits.


Abdur – Running Precision.


I arrived in town to see Denis and a few others making their way to High Pavement, there didn’t seem to be many out unless they were the first or last leaving the meet up point. I walked  past the meet up, past Crowne Plaza and IBM way. No one was to be seen and a few vans were parked inside Plaza in the way of any movement which might have been planned. I carried on walking and made my way to High Pavement where all of the guys must have been.  There wasn’t overly many out even in this area, it felt like it was going to be a slow day indeed. I took a few photos of people, some of Ash taking photos and a funny shot with Holbrook posing for the camera. Some of the guys moved to a different location while others stayed at High Pavement, today’s object of choice which was used to torment and beat each other with was a piece of rubber tubing. Some of the guys wore it as a tail like Denis who then did some movements while wearing it. I got a shot Yaz wearing it down the front of his joggers wishing his penis was as long as the tubing.

We took a walk down to an old school area which was Orange Walls. I had not visited this area in a long time, the guys were doing tricking, kong precisions and wall tricks. They set up a running precision on to a small plastic thing which they used to land on from running and jumping off one of the small orange walls. I got some nice low angle shots of them jumping in the air with the sun glistening in the background. I tried experimenting with being directly  underneath the guys as they did flips off the wall to try and capture a mid air shot of them in tuck, it didn’t go as planned and proved more difficult than I had first anticipated. I was rather surprised that we had not got moved from the area as in the past they always used to move us on and some used to be rather grumpy about it. A security guard did pass through the area but wasn’t bothered in the slightest to us training in the area. It was good to be in an area we once used to train at all the time in the past, revisit and remember those old times.


Denis – Back Tuck.


We walked through and down to another area I had not visited for a long time the university blue rails. At one time we would spend hours training here, on the rails, nowadays we hardly visit it if ever. I got a few photos of Stefano and Denis doing the rail precisions which came out really good. Especially Stef’s image that is one of the shots I was most pleased with from the day, it oozed professionalism. We walked over to Bilbie Walk, again another area I had not been to for a long time. Stef did a rail precision which Yaz then took a look at before being worried about it and stepping down. The cut through was open and so we walked through and trained on the wall there doing catleaps, wall climbs and other movements. I got a few nice shots of Yaz doing a pincher to a wall which came out as a nice shot with lens flare included. It was strange to be back in old areas and seeing how much the movement had evolved to how it once was.  The plan was to walk to the Stone Benches, James had called Denis a few times but each time Denis would ring James back he didn’t pick up and that annoyed Denis because then it would go to answer phone and take his money. He couldn’t understand why James would not just pick up when he had only just rang him!

On arriving at Stone Benches they were packed with people sitting on them and there was no way we could train on them at all and so we made our way over to IBM where James and a few of the other guys were at. It was a pleasant surprise to see Maxwell out too! James raged at for me for saying I wasn’t going to be out today and then in the end I was out, taking photos with others before he was even out. I explained it was a spur of the moment thing and that when I got to town I had found some of the guys then shadowed them around for photo opportunities. Most of the guys were moving back to High Pavement and then heading over to Arboretum, once people had came back from shops that is, we followed the crowd back over there. After being at High Pavement and spending time training there again, we moved back into town for food and drink and made our way to Adams College area. Once in the area it was full of skaters and we found Ben and Webster training in the area, shortly after Flip, Jack & Dizzi from U:R arrived in the area too.


Stefano – Rail Precision.


People trained, worked out, and trolling a plenty! At one stage when some of us were sat down Flip was showing Jack the PsyGangnam Style video on YouTube as a few of the guys had not heard this new internet phenomena.  I didn’t get any photos while in this area and spent most of the time feeling cold while watching everyone else train. Once the session started to get a bit stale the group moved down near the Ice Arena for a short pit stop being finally reaching the BBC Building area. Here I took various portrait shots of Flip and a few others of the guys training.

I was desperate for a piss as was Zane so we both took a walk to a nearby field which had trees covering the edge of the area amongst the fences. I saw a group of trees which I thought would be perfect coverage to go unseen by the passer bys, only for Zane to say he wanted to go there instead and then bolted towards them. When he got there he was quick to tell me he isn’t going to go there as there was some tents which homeless people obviously used to sleep in and someone might come out or try and rape him. I moved further down the area and into some foliage dense enough and away from any tent to take a leak . Meanwhile Zane walked back out from near the tent area only for some people passing by to to shout ‘hobo!’ at him at the top of their voices while I remained hidden laughing quietly to myself. When I got back there there wasn’t overly a lot of training being done and it had turned into a social gathering, after a while longer we all left for home.


Denis smiling…


Abdur – Precision.




Abdur – Precision.


Yaz – Precision.


Yaz – Flying Kick?.


Zane – Portrait.


Flip – Portrait.


Denis & James on High Pave wall.


Ash – Taking photos.


Ash – Getting the shot!


Holbrook – Superstar.


Yaz, wishing he had considerable length.


Denis – Sideflip.


Stefano – Sideflip.


Stefano – Kong Roll.


Stefano – Kong Handstand.


Denis – Back Tuck.


Denis – Front Tuck.


Stefano – Round off Back Tuck.


Denis – Rail Precision.


Denis – Rail Precision.


Denis – Rail Precision.


Stefano – Rail Precision.


Yaz – Catleap/Pincher.


Yaz – Water Break.


Yaz Steel look.


Yaz – Portrait.


Yaz – Water boy.


Flip – Portrait.


Flip – Portrait.


Flip – Constipation, blasting one off mid session… You decide!



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