Canons, grass and graves.


Zade (Me) – Speed Vault.


I was really looking forward to training today and getting some great photography images. It was sunny but overcast at times and I wanted to make the most of the day. The bus arrived and  I sat at the back, noticing two girls in front of me holding hands and other people on the bus giving them looks and checking them out. They were definitely lesbians just from looking at them and the way they were dressed and acted with one other, the kissing confirmed it though. One was what I describe as a black hip hop girl wearing jogging bottoms, an oversized beanie, a big chain and the way she spoke and carried herself. The other girl, her partner, had ginger hair, was tall and wore a denim jacket covered in cone studs complete with jeans and seemed to be the more feminine of the two with layers of make up on. Half way through the journey to town and enduring the various face eating, soft porn and undying love for one another which went off, something quite funny happened to the two of them. The bus was driving fast down a main road and the windows were open with the wind whistling through as it does, the next moment a leaf blew through the window ripping up into pieces in the process, causing both girls to flinch, scream and clutch each other in fear wondering what the hell it was. Everyone on the bus turned around to look at what had happened, and the few which had witnessed the moment like me were chuckling quietly to themselves. It was a highlight of my journey and they felt so embarrassed after they realized it was only a leaf and spoke about what they thought it was, such as a bird or some form of insect and they saw the funny side of it all after.

I arrived a few minutes after the meet up time of 1pm, and had to wait as always for Denis and Zain who were never on time, like ever! They arrived sheepishly and walked towards me thinking I was going to attack them for all the trolling they had done to me online. They would flinch any time I went near them and expected something to happen. I told them if they don’t stop with all the so called trolling I will get them back somehow. Which I did at a later date where I uploaded two edited images of them which can be seen below at the end of the photo set. We went over to Crowne Plaza as we always did, to warm up. Moonie called at around 2pm to ask where we were as did Elliot, as they were both running late. In Plaza there was an unusual spectacle, a white van parked in the middle of the area near the kong precision end, this meant none of them could be done due to it blocking the run up and the wall. Myself  and Zain were practising a stride over a rail and then straight into a kong to speed out run, it felt nice to join in and do the movement with Zain. Even though after a few goes my ankle began to ache lots and then stopped me from doing anything else. At one point George was practising pop wall climbs but when he got to the top of the wall he sat and had no way of being able to get down and asked for our advise, to which we just all laughed at him at first and joked if you got up surely you are able to get back down.

Denis said he was sick of the area and wanted to jam Radford or some place fun like Forest and told us to stop enjoying Plaza and explore fresh places. In the end I decided we should go to Forest even though most said that it was too far. I said we can always train at Arboretum on the way though and there are other places on the way there too. As we walked into the Arb area I noticed some mushrooms to which Zain walked in front of them saying they would be a great photo opportunity and we should take photos of them. In fact lets not as he stood in front of them and tried to prevent me and Moonie from getting close so we couldn’t take photos of them. While some of the guys got ice lollies from the ice cream van in the area. We got a few snap shots of the mushrooms, while some members of the public stared at us strangely for taking photos of them before following the rest over to the bird cages. There was a family there feeding a kit of pigeons and even had some of them landing on them while eating the food. I got my camera ready and took photos of the pigeons as did Moonie, the family even gave us some bread to use to try and get them to land on us. Zain was afraid the birds might attack and peck him while he tried to feed them which was a funny sight in it’s self. The pigeons all had their own characteristics and some were more confident than others while some looked really scruffy and some looked more clean and reserved.


Moonie – The tree climber.


The bird fun was over and with that we moved to the small side area from the birdcages to train, people warmed up and looked around at possible things to do. Zain and Connor were up climbing a tree which I got a few shots of with different focus points. Moonie was taking photos too, even though at the end of the day she wasn’t happy with any of them unlike me and the results I got. Elliot and Moonie struggled with doing a precision across a gap with a drop, with them both being a bit afraid of heights. At one point when I wasn’t taking a photo I decided to do a few precision jumps and on one attempted, a few people were near and on the wall I wanted to land on so I jumped to a wall just below them which you couldn’t see from afraid due to a wall being in front of it. As I jumped I shrieked, ‘oh shit, ahhh’, as if I had bailed and misjudged the jump before disappearing all together. Elliot’s face was a picture and he looked so shocked thinking I had failed and injured myself. Once I jumped back up people were laughing but Elliot’s heart was going ten to the dozen and still couldn’t get over the thought of me failing, if only I had his reaction on camera.

Denis and Zain were playing around on a small low tree and the rest of us went over to join them, doing through vaults and lache’s and precisions. I did some filming of the guys training to get used to taking film on my camera. On one of the takes of filming and made a gasping noise as if Denis had bailed and this in turn put him off and causing one of his hands to slip on the through vault and nearly bail, after he rolled out of the bail he got up and said ‘ you’re stupid, making stupid noises which put me off then I bail and start thinking what you were worrying about mid move and forget what I’m actually doing’. I think something must have been in the air as Moonie bailed not long after when everyone was trying to jump and lache on the tree branch. As she jumped and grabbed the branch her legs swung in front of her and her hands slipped off the branch causing her to land on her arse and back, slightly winding herself. The whole area went quiet, amazed at what just happened before going to see if she was okay.


Posing Tree photo.


While some of the people practised on the smaller tree the rest of us walked up to another tree, I took a few photos of Elliot doing a round off back. We then joined the others in climbing up a tree while a couple laying down on the grass across from us watched as we invaded the tree and proceeded to get various group shots from within the tree. If you look closely at Moonie’s face in one of the shots she has an awesome shock face. We went back down and I got some more images of people doing through vaults on the tree and also filmed a few clips of Denis and Zain. On walking up further in the Arboretum, we spoke about someone should have went over to this couple who were kissing and cuddling on the grass and to shout ‘BONER! BONER’ as loud as they could to them and then someone else should go over just after and say something else. George said he would say something only if someone paid him right there and then though.

In the next area the gardeners had recently been cutting the grass and the piles could be seen on the pavement. Zain kicked a pile a few times for video and photos. I then had the idea we should throw a pile at someone’s face to see how that came out on video and photos. Conor was the first subject only for Zain to be a rubbish shot and not really throw it hard enough for the grass to disperse. We asked if we could do it to Denis and after a bit of a talk he was persuaded. Zain and  George were the throwers and we set up the cameras ready. I really had no idea how this would work even if it would at all. I put a high shutter speed to capture the action and made sure I focused it on Denis’ face. The effect and photo was rather awesome and the vast greenery can be seen with Denis squinting in the middle of the shot. Some of us played on the canons doing precisions jumps, handstands while others complained about the area, which in turn made them subdued a few of the others trained in the surrounding area and climbed the trees.


Denis getting the grass attack treatment!


It had started to spot with rain at this time making us think it might be time to call it a day if it continued. We had to make a decision on where to go next, most wanted to go to town while myself and a few others wouldn’t mind going to Forest to train. After a debate on where to go we all walked back to town going through the tunnel only for the two chums Denis and Zain to instantly run and climb out the area to try and escape from us. Everyone else had followed and now we were near the Girls High School and with forest not being too far away we all took the walk over to that area. We noticed that the grave yard fence has been smashed by a car accident and it left a gap in the fence for us to climb through and use as a short cut.

Treading carefully not to walk on a grave and walking past the various headstones in this creepy area we came to a massive crept which was at the bottom of this circular opening. We walked down and spoke about if we should climb over a metal gate and down to see what was down there, most disagreed and we climbed over the wall into the forest area. It had begun to really pour with rain now and while Denis, Zain and Abdur vaulted the wet rails in succession over and over again I took shelter under a near by tree from the rain. All of the others had walked over to the local Asda to get some food. We waited for them and ended up just talking amongst ourselves, we even contemplated leaving them and heading home. They rang to make sure we were still in the same area and the day ended with us all talking, trolling and generally messing around for another hour odd until the rain had stopped.


Zain – Tree underbar.


Denis – Tree underbar.


Elliot – Round off, flash kick.


George – Tree Vault.


Abdur – Canon Precision.


Elliot – Canon Flairs.


Zade (Me) – Lazy Vault.


Denis – Dash Vault.


Moonie – Portrait.


Denis – ‘If only I was a girl’.


Agaricus bisporus mushrooms.


Mushrooms looking more like eggs here.


Close up of two shrooms.




Pigeons: I want the bread nom nom. Hey what about me? Ouch, I want some too!


Pigeon: What is this sorcery!? Maybe we should both go steal some of it now!


Pigeon: Huh? What was that?!


Pigeon: I love your non freckled feathers!


Pigeon: Ready for take off, over!


Pigeons nibbling on the woman's bun. Ouch, let me have some birdbrain!.


Alert Pigeon!


Two Pigeons.


Denis – Standing on a wall.


Conor & Zain in a tree.


Conor & Zain – Tree buddies.


Moonie – Tree swinger.


Moonie – Swinging.


George – Tree underbar.


Moonie – Climbing a tree


Conor – Tree underbar.




Zain – Tree underbar.


Group tree photo!


Group tree photo!


Zain – Tree vaulting.


Zade (Me)  – Tree jumpin’.


Zade – Vault through tree.


Denis – ‘I stomp?’


Zain – Tree vault.


Abdur – Canon Precision.


Abdur – Close up of the canon precision.


Elliot – Handstand on a canon.


Moonie – Handstand.


Zade (Me) – Canon Precision.


George preparing for his role in the next martial arts movie.


Abdur – Canon Precision.


Zade – Downwards Precision.


Abdur – Vault.



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