Physio Week 2.


Ankle Physio.


After visiting the physio again after two weeks, I didn’t feel like I was progressing at all compared to my good ankle and it’s flexion. The physio assured me I have made great progression in only two weeks and ligaments have loosened up and not feeling as tight as they were and my balance has got better to when I first came in. I have also carried on my daily jogging routine and now I can run the whole length without any real pain. Occasionally I will get a dull ache or pain if it’s a bad day but over all it’s going well so far.

The Physio was saying not to compare to my good ankle as my flexion on that is abnormally flexible and so if I compare to that it will seem as if I am never improving. Where as in reality I’ve reached a normal range of flexion and similar to his own when he did the same ankle test (putting the toes as far away from the wall as possible keeping the foot flat and then bend until the knee touches the wall). My good ankle is one and half of my own feet away from the wall where as my bad ankle is a few inches away from the wall.

I’ve got given a elastic thera-band now and have to do some resistance training using this to help the ankle in a different way but still occasionally do the stretching I was doing before. I’ve also started training PK very minor things, vaults mainly, climb ups and a few kongs when it lets me. I’ll update this again when I next visit Physio again in a months time and then I hope to be making some real head way and be on the road to recovery.


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