Food For Louis II.

For the ones of you who have been living under a rock and have never heard of Food For Louis all is explained in a previous blog of mine HERE for you to get an idea of what all the commotion is about. Some call him the new Bear Grylls due to the strange eating feats he does, others are appalled and sickened by what he does and think he should stop or be locked up.

Since my last blog about Louis Cole things have sadly took a turn for the worse with his channel. I spoke about how I can imagine he has had a tonne of complaints from animal rights activists, PETA and even death threats from people. That is not too far from the true though, as YouTube being the great video sharing platform that it is, spreading all which is crazy and amazing, you can imagine Louis’ antics got him vast amount of views and attention from around the world. It was only a matter of time before a video would cause such controversy or cross over the legal boundary that some action would have to be taken from them and/or the police.


Food For Louis Logo.


For the ones of you who are avid fans and supporters of Louis, will have seen the goldfish video which caused the most controversy on April 1st as an April Fools joke in which Louis jokes about the goldfish being his pet before devouring it. What was obviously made as a joke, didn’t impress some of the general public and in the end it resulted in him getting a letter from the RSPCA shortly afterwards and possible court action. Because of this most of his videos which people know and love have since been taken down, he had received some YouTube strikes and had to tone it down for a time while things blew over. The law suit was because of the goldfish due to having a vertebra was illegal to eat as well as other videos deemed cruelty to animals under various legal acts. Now I don’t have a degree in law so I can’t tell you the specifics of what laws they break so you will have to do your research to know fully understand what lines it has crossed with his videos.

He has had various news pieces, interviews, television appearances done on him which you can find if you search Google enough. Due to legal action things went quiet with his channel and he started using YouNow and still currently does you can find his broadcasts on his profile. It wasn’t until almost a month later that a new video appeared on his channel and this time guess what, it wasn’t to do with animals and instead was to do with eating yellow snow. This did make myself and I’m sure loads of others wonder whether his channel and theme would stop and he would have to reinvent himself. He did have a new channel called Fun For Louis which showed his trip and experiences in Norway. Two more videos were uploaded and sure enough again nothing to do with animal and instead him eating rotting fish in a can and regurgitated food. I’m sure most fans were disappointed but still these videos were funny and just as vile in there own way!

A week ago, I logged in and saw a new video had been uploaded and this time it was an animal not a live one but still a animal, I guess the loophole here is so long as the animal is dead he is able to get away with eating it. He mentions this is going to be the new theme and it will be based on road kill. The first is of a rabbit and the second a woodland pigeon. At times watching you sense that there is some patronizing and a big ‘f**k you’ at the RSPCA as he speaks and tucks into the flesh of the animals. How long this series will last is anyone’s guess, it has already sparked more newspaper pieces about the videos and I’m sure the complaints will come rolling in and the videos flagged and taken down, before they somehow are able to bypass this loophole he has found.

I’ve posted some of the videos below of his older stuff as well as the newer, however, if they do get removed they won’t work. Time will tell if anything more serious will happen with these crazy eating antics and if he will be prosecuted with anything and where it will go from here, whether it will continue to be on YouTube or YouNow.


Eating a roadkill fox


Eating a Banana Slug.


Eating a Roadkill pigeon:


Eating a roadkill Rabbit:


Eating Pete’s Regurgitated Food:


Eating Swedish Surstromming (Rotting Fish):


Eating Yellow Snow:


Eating Raw Eyeballs:


Eating three Ragworms:



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