Jubilee Bank Holiday Training.


Coca Cola.


I had planned to go out and meet everyone at 15:30. Lots had said they would be out training only for most to change their mines at the last minute. I was worried there would be no one out at all, my bus was late what with it being a bank holiday. I text Zain letting him know, he rang me and said the same goes for him and the next bus wasn’t until five to four. I arrived in town finally just after 16:00 and met Will, Abdur and Zain who were at IBM already training and taking photos. Zain wasn’t expecting to do much as his ankle was sore from bailing on it Saturday, so he just took photos and filmed people, much like what I was doing. Denis arrived later on as always after he was in two minds whether to even come out training due to the rain earlier on in the day.

The conversation turned between Will and Denis and the fact that Denis had wanted to go training in Derby today even though it was a bank holiday and everything was messed up bus wise. He told Will to be ready for 9am but then he never went online and so Will had woken up got ready but never got anything from Denis to know if it was still on or not. Denis explained when he woke up it was raining and horrid weather and he couldn’t be bothered to get out of his warm bed, then turn on the computer which takes time, wait for it to boot up, put his password in, load firefox to find no one is online. Then he has to message the people and wait for a reply which takes far too long. The explanation had us in stitches the way he explained it, once he did wake up later in the afternoon the weather was sunny like it had never rained at all. Denis was giving the running upwards precision a go today which he was afraid of and Abdur was doing it as well. At one point he had a ball breaker bail like Johnny did where one leg slipped over the wall while the other remained before the wall.

There were other great conversational topics from Denis. Such as, one about a duvet and he asked what one was called and the fact he has to change it and swap it when the day is too warm but when he does the next day it’s cold and he has to change it yet again and it’s just a pain in the ass! He also said when he is changing it at night, there is all this electricity which runs through the duvet and it scared him and he thought, ‘what the fuck is this shit, will it blow up?!’ I explained it was just static and nothing will come of it. I took photos of the guys training and being in envy of not being able to jump around. I did try a few small precisions but could feel it in my ankle. I took some product shots today like using a Lucozade can I had found and put that in the shot while the others did Pk moves. I took some artistic ones of the crumbled wall which my ass had broken on Saturday. I even managed to get Sammie to do a few jumps even though she was very reluctant to do them. At one point while taking some photos I sat on Zain who was laying down to get a shot and bounced on him while taking photos to which Sammie said that I sure do worry her at times, while Zain made orgasmic noises and told me to go harder.


Denis – Point of view precision.


We took a slow walk down to the market square and discussed a kong cat, precision from a rail into small alcoves in the wall which could be done and asked if anyone had done it as of yet. I wanted to get some photos of the water which James and Zain had done a few weeks before, and spent time getting some freezing the motion and seeing what the outcome was like. Zain got a bit too close and ended up watering his camera. I took some of the Council House while having a bottle of water in the shot as the main focal point and tried to get a photo of it through Zain’s lens reflection but it didn’t pick up what the human eye could see. Down to Lister Gate and saw lots of pigeons on the circular area there and me and Zain stopped to get photos of them while trying to feed them cookies so they would come closer. I pointed out to Will the various precisions in the area to do which he tried while Zain was busy trying to scare off the pigeons when I wanted to get a shot of them. I got him back later on when he went to take a photo of Will doing a precision and then I stuck my ass in his shot so he got nothing at all.

Once we got to Castle College the jam vibe had slowed down and people were tired. I watched as Will and Denis did the running cat, as Denis did it the first time he hit his knee on landing. He didn’t like how easily Will could do the cat and like everything he was able to do things as soon as he went for them. I spent my time trying to take a photo of the bees which were pollinating a bush, which proved hard as soon as I got them in shot they moved again and never settled for more than a few seconds. I took a few photos of things which were in the bush, like a Ribena carton and a Coke can. Zain was filming Denis and Will who jumped out of the car park to a smaller roof with a roll then would turn vault and run off. Some of the shots looked really good and on the last take when Denis landed, he had broke the roof leaving a big dent where his feet landed. I’m surprised he didn’t go all the way through! As he ran towards me sideways he said, ‘we need to G.T.F.O, NOW! I’ve broke the roof’ and I started laughing in hysterics at the thought of him breaking the roof as we ran back to Castle College.

The day was at an end and there were sad times ahead as Will was leaving us to go travelling and to work at various festivals and won’t be back until Autumn time when University starts again. Zain explained he won’t be here when he gets back as he will have left by then as will Abdur who is moving back to Germany. We walked back towards the Market Square and on the way Denis stopped at the blue rails area and did a few precisions from the blue rail to the blue wall, which he used to be so scared of. When we got to the Square we saw a drunken man fall flat on his side into the fountain and again on the floor! He looked at us and put his finger t0 his lips as if to tell no one he had fallen over. He then put his baseball cap down the front of his jeans and walked back to the Police and some other drunken guys who had been stopped for whatever reason. In the end, they arrested a guy and put him in the riot van. Most were drunk and in the celebration mood due to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it was a pleasure to get out of town and back home away from it all.


A crack in the wall.


Lucozade Orange.


A crumbled wall. (close focus view).


A crumbled wall. (mid focus view).


A crumbled wall. (far focus view).




Busy as a bumble bee.


Will – Running Upwards Precision.


Will – Running Upwards Precision.


Will – Running Upwards Precision.


Denis – Running Upwards Precision.


Lucozade can with Denis doing a running upwards precision.


Denis – Running Upwards Precision.


Will – Posing in the Market Square.


Will – Precision.


Denis – Downwards precision to roll.


Denis – Precision.


Market Square water feature.


Watering it down.


Towards the fountain.


Sparkling Water.


no where to hide.


St Peter’s Church.


Orange Ribena.



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