Parkour, Climb Ups and Scumbags.


Tru Freedom.


Arrived in town and headed over to IBM, where all the guys were. Some of the Derby guys were out too, George and Noah. As usual people were doing crazy strides, precisions and box jumps, Vladimir had came out who we hadn’t seen in ages! Zain and Will were doing a running stride to precision across the chains and then did some others and were in competition with each other both vibing off each other. It didn’t half make me sad that I couldn’t join in with them. Vlad was working out and blasting out one arm press ups so easily like they were nothing and I just practised handstands being bored of unable to do things. Sam wanted a small wall squat challenge and a few others joined but then soon left when it became more difficult and burnt their legs. Johnny did a running upwards precision though as he went for it and was in the air he landed and leg slipped and it looked like a ball crusher and then he fell off the wall. He also later on bailed a tic tac cat and fell to the floor. No matter what Johnny did he always seems to bail and badly too, I really do fear for that guy!

When Yaz was attempting to do a running precision over the chains on one attempt before going for it he didn’t commit and just ran straight falling into the chains and again it looked like he had castrated himself and everyone flinched. He had also cut his hand when it had scrapped against a wall when running and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. He kept wiping it on his white t-shirt making patterns from his blood on it. James and Yaz did some alpha make ape like chest hitting of each other until one of them gave in to the pain. This went on for a while and then when they stopped they spent ages checking their chests for bruising. I took a few artistic shots of the chains and and got underneath them for some interesting shots of George and Parrish doing the running box precisions. I was in a random mood today and wasn’t really feeling like training. As I leant against the wall in the area I felt as if something had broken when I moved away the wall crumbled and fell! I kept hitting it with my arse then or randomly picked at it for more pieces to fall. As good as the day was for Will, Yaz and Zain progression wise, Zain had a nasty ankle breaker bail where his ankle rolled causing him great pain and being put out for the day.

I moved up to houses as I wanted to do a few upper body moves and a few others came with, while the others stayed at IBM to train. When at houses we found Denis and Vince training there and doing climb ups to which Vince was very pleased he no longer had to use his elbows. Stefano wanted to splat cat and then push back into the lower cat which he spent a while doing and when he got it Denis filmed it. The mood had calmed down and people while training, some were also subdued into standing around or messing about! I suggested we all do a climb up game, and got as many people involved as possible.


James – Rail Precision.


The idea was for some of us to sit on top of the wall and then I would start by lowering into cat position then doing one climb up and sit back on the wall then one after the other people would do the exact same thing until we reached the end of the line. Then I would go down and do this time two climb ups before sitting back on the wall. The same went for everyone else and we would repeat this until everyone gave in and the number would increase each time the only downside was the forfeit you had to do if you failed which was ten press ups then straight back to doing the climb ups again.

The people who were man enough to part take in this manly challenge were: me, Kezza, Will, James, Zane, Elliot and Stefano. Now I must admit a few of the guys got further than I expected such as Zane, James and Elliot, they really did surprise me! It was hard going and slowly but surely, people dropped out due to the pain of the hands wearing away and starting to bleed or not being able to have the strength to force any more climb ups. As the group got smaller, the climb ups became intensively harder because you got less rest time. It was Will who went first with his hand being cut, then afterwards it was James, followed by Zane with a brilliant effort,  Elliot, Stefano and finally Kezza. Feeling completely destroyed we had a new game to do with precision jumps and then walked back down to the Atrium where the others were still training. There were some chavs at the top of the car park being idiots and shouting abuse to people training and one of them through a glass bottle down which near enough hit Zain in the head! There was no need for that sort of idiocy and it did rile people up.

We spoke about we should go up there and do something but they would have been all under age, in the end Zain and a few others told the Plaza staff about them and they went up and got them to leave the area. For some reason near the end of the day was when I was feeling the most creative photography wise and spent the next hour getting all kind of angles and shots of people doing movements. We also used the building across the road from the Atrium, a giant silver tall building and had silver rails all around it which could be used for precision jumps and general vaulting.  The best part of the evening was when Zane was trying to do a precision and much like a baby trying to balance on it’s legs for the very first time, Zane was finding it hard to stay on the rail to which Vince said, ‘I bet you are shitting your pants’. Zane replied, ‘how about you come and do it then?’ There seemed to be a little feud here and the constant bickering between the two was funny to watch and hear. In the end Zane did the rail precision hurting his ankle in the process shouting, ‘yeah, take that Vincent OW!’ It was getting late and with most people fatigued it was time to call it a day, the photos can be viewed below.


George & Parrish.




Yaz – Running stride, box to precision.


Jack – Precision.


Parrish – Rail Precision.


Parrish – Running upwards precision.


Parrish – Running upwards precision.


Parrish – Running upwards precision.


Parrish – POV Precision.


George – Sideflip over the rail.




Yaz – Dive roll, while Flip films.


James – Lazy Vault.


White Flower.


Yaz – Airtime Pose.


IBM Rusted Chain.


Denis – Precision.


Denis – Precision.


Parrish – Running Precision.


George – Sideflip over the rail.


George – Running Stride.


Parrish – Box precision.


George – Box, Precision.


Parrish – Box, Precision.


Will – Contemplation face.


A happy, contented James.


Kezza – Handstand.


Yaz – Dive Roll.


Yaz – Roll out with style.


Yaz – Speed Out.


Kezza – Backtuck.


Flip – Invisible skateboard!


James – Catleap.


Kezza – Handstand.


Kezza – Handstand.


Elliot – Rail Spin..


Kezza – Railspin.


James – Sign Jumping.


James – Lazy Vault.


Flip – Splits Vault.


James – Rail Precision.


James – Rail Precision.


Zane – Rail Precision.


Zane – Rail Precision.


James – Rail Precision.


Denis – Happy?! What sorcery is this?


James – Getting ready to stand on the rail.


James – Rail Precision.


Flip – Speed Vault.


Yaz – Diving Kong.


Yaz – Kong Precision.


Vince – Kong Precision.


White Flower.


Denis – Kong Precision.


Denis – Wallspin.



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