Ankle Physio Results.




After not having much information about my ankle since the initial injury,  I can finally blog some news about about it. Today was the day I finally got to see a physiotherapist about my ankle after being referred at the beginning of April and having a really long wait. Since then I have been not been doing much at all with the ankle for fear of it getting injured more and prolonging my healing process. I’ve been as careful as I can, go through moping around and being sad for myself and even accepting the fact I might not train again until next year! It has been making improvements these past months but so slowly that I hardly recognize them. At the present time I can skip again which is nice and walk normally, I can’t run or jog at all before it hurts my foot. It also aches when being used a lot like a day of walking and I still can’t flexion it very much at all. I’m just happy it doesn’t feel as stiff each day I wake up like it once did as that was the worst. At least now it aches from time to time and obviously, I have good and bad days with it but take them all in my stride.

The physiotherapist explained to me that it’s strange how badly it has effected me and for this long. He pushed, pulled and twisted my ankle in various positions to assess all the problematic areas in my ankle as well as getting me to balance, walk and do some stretches to see how it effects me in every day life and asking me about what I do with it and all the usual stuff they ask. The conclusion is my ligament and tendons are very tight within my leg such as my tibialis anterior and this extreme tightness is stopping me from having mobility and flexion in my ankle joint. So what has to be done now is to try and stretch those out again, I’ve been given various exercises to do each day for so many reps and sets to help stretch the ligament and help get some stability again. Once this has been achieved then the strengthening process can be started. Some of the exercises include having to press and hold the ankle down in various positions while pushing against my own force for a set amount of time and repeat those exercises. I suppose it’s not exactly what I wanted to hear from him but at the same time it’s neither good or bad news on the whole. I will, however, do these exercises religiously and see what happens in the two weeks before I have to go back and see him again.


Ankle stretches.


I got told I shouldn’t be doing any jogging as of yet as the ankle isn’t stable enough for that and it would be bad to pound the concrete due to the impact. As much as I respect professional advice, I also know my own body and I have been trying to jog on a daily basis (something I decided to do a week ago before I knew about my appointment as I was fed up not being able to do anything and thought it might loosen my ankle up). I would meet my girlfriend from work and so would try and jog to meet her and this would, on average, take me ten to fifteen minutes with a healthy ankle. Though with it being injured would take much longer, that is if I could jog at all and keep a pace going. I would set out each evening at the same time without wearing any bandages on it as I liked to know exactly where, how and when it hurt without the pain being masked by a bandage. Taking a very slow paced jog to see how far I could go before pain started to kick in. At first I would past a few gardens before it hurt or if I was lucky a few hundred meters then pain would kick in from pounding the pavement and I would have to walk. Day by day though that slowly started to improve and I did think perhaps it’s not getting better but is getting used to the pain but I think it was all the stretching helping the ankle. I would jog over exaggerated so I would bend my foot in full flexion back and forth, each stride I took. What with the ankle not liking concrete at first I decided I would jog along the grass verges to ease it into the change over to concrete.

The stretches over the last week have really helped and it makes my foot hurt less than it did before. I must admit doing all these odd resistance stretches seemed strange to do at first but over time I thought, ‘what the hell anything is worth a try right?’ They did really hurt my ankle at first and made it feel even stiffer the next day but while doing the stretches I did feel it unlock and ease after a few of them and it felt loose and really great. I will be seeing him again in two weeks time to see what progression I have made and then take it from there what to do next, at least I don’t need any form of operation now though. I do, however, feel really old with injures dragging on and me being unable to move how I once did. I find it so hard to do nothing as I’m not an overly lazy person where exercise and workouts are concerned. Even the small things I do at training or attempt, end up twinging my ankle. I always think at least I know the boundaries and how it is getting better. At one stage I couldn’t walk without pain, never mind vault or doing a precision. My angle used to pop and feel like it was burning, it would ache with any movement so thinking back to then compared to now it is getting better. :D


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