Summer Is Coming.


Denis & Zain – Badman look.


I overslept like I always do of late and saw it was really sunny day and started to get ready to go out but had to wait for Sammie to get ready. I decided to meet at 1pm as usual along with some of the other guys. I was already in town before one and went to do a bit of shopping first before meeting up with the guys who were at IBM area training. I was speaking to Owen about injuries and how he had been since the last time I had seen him, which was earlier in the year at gymnastics. Denis asked if we could stay at IBM while he went to go and buy a UV lens, which shouldn’t cost that much and he was also going to look at getting a lens cap which he had lost a few days before.

People wanted to move on over to the Atrium area and so we moved over there. Denis returned saying that he was being ripped off maybe because he was foreign and the guy wanted to charge him £25. He also coughed after telling Denis how much it was. Being a real douche so he didn’t buy them in the end and said he will purchase one from the internet where it is cheaper.  He was busy eating to which I took a photo of him eating his bun type food and being told not to photo him while he is eating, me and my stupid photos. James rang to ask where we were as we had moved from the IBM area and he couldn’t see where we had gone and he then came down and joined us. I took a few portrait shots and then looked for other shots I could take of people by watching what everyone was doing. Flip suggested everyone played a game of Horse and they began to set the challenges and play the game, I took a few photos while they played the game. Jumping over rails, doing precisions and other random movements.


Zane & Yaz.


It was Denis’ turn to set a challenge and he told everyone what to do only to then fail it and couldn’t understand why he got a letter and no one else had to do it. This sparked a rather funny debate between him and Flip about the rules of the game. An interesting challenge set by Yaz was a squirrel leap to a pole from a wall and it looked rather scary to most, a few people nearly castrated themselves while others failed and fell on the floor. Stefano arrived much to our surprise and he started to warm up. Stef, Flip and some others were doing a precision to box over the gap near the steps. I took a few photos and experimented more with my surroundings to include more of the background and buildings into my shot to give it a different feeling rather than the usual photo of just the subject with nothing else taken into consideration. The next movement which people were trying was a squirrel 180 cat from a sign post to the wall, again I tried different lower angle for this movement for a different perspective.

Zain as usual didn’t want to be photographed and was busy trolling some shots, one of which can be seen below. I wanted to take some photos of the area too like some hotspot shots which I didn’t take in the end but do from time to time take some photos of things of the area. Such as I took one of the curved rail to give a feeling of it being used. Zain kept getting into the shot of James doing a precision and when James wanted a photo of him doing a running precision to cross vault. Zain and Denis made sure to get into shot and pretend to do some working out. The story here was on Thursday when doing Hell Night they had came out to watch and do Parkour and were using all the areas we were using and so we worked out preventing them from using the objects we were.
So this was there sort of revenge if you like for what we did to them and James didn’t take kindly to this and grabbed hold of both of them and pulled them together and out of the way. Denis had by far the best reaction saying, ‘wow, you are really strong commando man, I thought you would be really weak like a sack of potatoes’ and then he tried to move James which ended with Denis being held in a headlock.


Zane – Precision over the rail.


I did get some shots of James in the end once the sun decided to come out again and got some different angles of the movement so I had a fair few to choose from. The rest of the guys went back over to the IMB area to train while I went with Denis over to the small area near IBM and Zain remained over at the Atrium. Denis wanted to film a downwards precision into underbar which I filmed for him and then took some photos of him doing it, along with a puddle and some other random photos. Denis was telling me how he had just learnt that he could bring up the photos on his screen rather than having to look through the view finder. This didn’t half make me chuckle as he has never read his camera manual or even installed the programs he got free with the camera, Denis and his strange Bulgarian ways which I will never understand.

I had mentioned that across the road from IBM there was a precision or same level catleap where an electricity generator was and Stefano and Dizzi came over to have a look at it. Stef was scared of being stood up on the wall and didn’t want to chance doing the precision where as Dizzi did it. They then also climbed down the other side and had a look at a pop wall climb which was mossy, while Zain and Denis went exploring further along the area. People decided they wanted some food and to also go to Audo area to train, after a pit stop at Tesco’s some of us went to Audo while the rest of us went to Castle College to James nemesis the running catleap. Again while in this area we spent hours trying to encourage James to do it, and everyone helped trying different techniques and words of wisdom, all ending in him being unable to commit and do it. People were training and having fun, I really had lost track of time as it was nearly seven o’clock before we all left for home.


Denis: You watch me eat?!


James & Jack talking.


Zane & Yaz.


Yaz – Portrait shot.


Yaz – Upwards Precision.


Atrium rail view.


Yaz – Climbing between the wall.


Denis – Explaining to Flip how stupid the Horse game is.


Owen – Precision.


Yaz – Squirrel Leap.


Flip – Squirrel Leap.


The amazing photogenic Zain!


Stefano – Portrait.


Stefano – Precision.


Flip – Precision.


Flip – Precision.


Stefano – Precision.


Stefano – Precision.


Owen – 180 Cat.


jack – 180 Cat.


Yaz – 180 Cat.


Zain – Portrait.


Jack – Tic Tac Cat.


Flip – Tic Tac Cat.


Yaz – Upwards Precision.


Yaz & James.


Yaz & James gazing into each others eyes…


James – Cross Vault.


James – Running Precision.


James – Cross Vault.


Jimmy J King – Giving Denis the headlock treatment!


Denis – Smiling, again a very rare occurrence.


Denis & Zain.


Zain – ‘Oh hai there!’


Denis – Downwards Precision.


Denis – Underbar.


Dizzi – Precision.


Dizzi – Pop wall climb.


Ben – Running stride to precision.


Flip – Portrait.


Tamie – Portrait.


Flip – Portrait.


Denis – Downwards precision.


Denis – Downwards precision.


Abdur – Portrait.


Ryan & Zade.


The guys.


Yaz – Portrait.


Zain & Yaz – on the roof.


Flip – Chilling.


Flip – Running catleap.


James – The camera guy.


Flip – Cross armed.


Yaz – Tired from a day of training.


Jack, Flip & James.


James – Running Precision.


James – Cross Vault.


Flip – Portrait.


Webster – Downwards Precision.



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