Clouds of Gray.


Parrish – Kong/Catpass Precision (k2p).


Today looked like a nice day in the beginning with the sun trying to break through the dark clouds. Although by the time I was on my way to town, the dark clouds had started to spit with rain and there was a bitterly cold wind blowing. I had spotted Max, George, Parrish and others walking up the meet up point from Vic Centre and decided to get off at that stop. I followed behind them all the way without them even noticing I was there until they checked the silver benches then double backed over the tram tracks to Plaza to which Max spotted me and came to give me a man hug and say hello.

We arriving at Plaza and there were so many people out today it was unreal. People from Lincoln, Derby, our own community and lots of beginners as well. The area really was rammed full of people it was hard to see what to be able to do without being in someone’s way. I spoke to Max about my new camera and Chimpy was telling me what it would be like for filming and photography and compared it to other brands out there and the technology of recent years with photography. I spotted Denis who was standing over the other side of Plaza looking depressive and as I looked at him he looked over and started laughing at me, saying he knew I would be out. When I went over to him we spoke about both having the same injured ankles and that he was copying me and how much it sucked being unable to train. We stood against the wall while talking and observing others training, until Zain arrived late for the training session with a box full of chicken for his so called breakfast!

Yaz was another person who was late, he text me and some others asking where they were and if they were out training. I replied to his text and said I was at home and to check Plaza as that is usually where people go at the start of the jam. He was surprised to see me when he arrived and annoyed at me for lying and the fact that I had deactivated my Facebook account without telling people and I had not used it for a week. With there being so many people in Plaza it was no surprise that some of the hotel staff came out to move people on from the area, most moved across the road to the Atrium area and IBM to train. Me and Yaz took a walk up to houses to train, Denis said he was coming only to then not come up and so we both ended up walking back down to the Atrium area which now had died down as people had all moved else where.


Zane, Max & Yaz observing.


I could only really practice handstands, which I had a go at a few times but didn’t have my balance today and couldn’t hold them as long as I usually could which annoyed me so the only other option was to practice climb ups. I spent a while with Denis, Elliot and Vince doing them on a wall and speaking about the techniques we use for them. When I felt really cold I put my coat back on and took photography of the others training, doing the standing and running precisions, cats and squirrels.

Chimpy decided to climb up a sign post and batman/ hang by his toes upside down, which looked funny but then he wondered how he would get off and when he got down the sign had cut into his toes leaving them all white and mark. George also scaled the sign post and did a hanging kong off it. Flip decided to try the running tic tac off the post to the wall and others also tried it along with the 180 cat off it.

Zain wanted to try the precision too and was getting the courage to do it, the same with Flip. When Zain went for it while we all watched and on take off it looked like he wasn’t going to make it at all. He had to really force his legs out just making it and because of him wearing Feiyue’s, he landed on the arch of his feet really hurting them as he bounced off the wall in pain holding his feet. He then jogged off down the road and disappeared down an alley way around the block to which me and Max joked about he has gone home now and he is done for the day after that incident.

I ended up going back over into Plaza to watch Zain and Will do diving kongs over the medium wall at plaza. On one occasion Zain clipped his knee on the dive causing him to open in a straddle position and still make the kong and vaulted out in a straddle vault position! I took some photos of those guys and spent my time talking to Elliot and Tamie and joking around. At one point Yaz felt my pockets and put a rusted bolt in one of them, thinking I had not noticed. I took it out in my hand and threw it at him when he did a k2p. I also had finished eating some Jaffa Cakes and put the wrapper into Yaz’s bag which he didn’t notice until later on in the day when going through his bag.


George – Front Tuck.


The plan was to go to Adams area to train and we followed Vince, Denis, Zain and Will who were not too far in front of us. As we got to the end of the road they had vanished and were not down any of the roads you normally walk down to go to Adams. So I thought they might have gone to High Pavement and then Yaz said we should go to Flats area to train. Yaz and Flip walked to Tescos while I said I would see if the guys went to High Pavement and I’ll drop them a call if not, when I arrived Max and all the others were training there. I took some photos while in the area and spoke to the guys about Kezza, not washing training clothes and the Vision trainers. While we spoke, George was crouched on the wall and then he lent off the wall sideways, jumped up and did a delayed sideflip, to which we all thought he had fell off the wall.

It looked like it was going to rain again and people wanted to move to the Flats area to train. While there we were talking about videos George ran towards the wall which we thought he was doing a running precision only to side the gap and over the wall, we all thought at first he had tripped on the wall and was going to face plant the wall. It began to rain for a bit and rather than train in the weather we took shelter under a house walk way until the rain passed then we moved back out into the area. I was busy taking photos of Parrish trying the kong precision and then moved over to the grass and rock area and chilled with Max talking and taking photos of the others doing flips.

The conversation turned to people being hungry and we made our way back into town and walking along walls one after the other in a single file. On our way walking past the police station a few of the guys did the standing precision and then George started to climb the building only for a policeman to drive by and pull up and tell him to get down. We stopped at the Stone Benches area to train at and the wind began to increase and the clouds get darker and spit with rain again. The rest of them headed off into the Market Square and to get some food while I left to head for home frozen!


Running Precision.


Max – Squirrel 180 Cat.


Chimpy – Taking on more than he can chew!


Flip – Tic Tac Cat.


Flip, Chimpy & Max.


George – Swinging on the tree.


Max – Precision.


George, Parrish & Max – Admiring a precision.


Parrish Precision.


Parrish doing his Muppet impression…


Parrish – Kong/Catpass Precision (k2p).


James – Front Tuck.


Parrish – Kong/Catpass Precision (k2p).


Chimpy – Webster.


Zain – Diving Kong/Catpass.


Zain – Running Precision.


Chimpy – Hanging Around.


Will – Diving Kong/Catpass.


Happy Sam.


Parrish – Webster.


Parrish – Webster.


Parrish – Being abducted by a UFO… Doing a webster in reality!



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