Failure teaches success.

Every failure teaches you how to succeed and so you should not be afraid to fail at things in life or in training, it doesn’t make you a worse person nor does it make you any less inferior. So never be afraid to fail at something even if others can do it with ease, it builds a better understanding of what you are doing wrong and how to correct it in order to obtain what you want to achieve.

There was a Catleap/ Arm Jump depending which version you say and use within your training. It was a bit further than I would have liked and also seemed scary even though I knew I could get the distance I was having problems committing to the jump, as you can see it got me frustrated at times. I think if anything the height differences were throwing my perception off, in the end with some persistence I got it and felt pleased with getting it done even if it took me a while before fully committing. As you will hear my my last statement in the video.



On a second note sorry to all who have been expecting to see more videos from me this year as I did promise I would be making some. From the 28th of January I dislocated my ankle causing serious tendon and ligament damage to my ankle and has really put me out of action since then. It has been over two months so far and will be a further two months bringing me into June before I should be fully healed and training again. If I’m not on the mend by then the next route is an MRI, arthroscopy and a possible operation to fix it, something which I hope it won’t come to!

I don’t have enough footage to make a full length video from, but I have acquired some footage. I might do a few videos like this one with some of the movements I had a hard time committing too though. I finally get a new camera in May as a late birthday present and then I can start making some serious videos in the future.


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