Npghey Volume 17.

I just finished making the latest Npghey video, Volume 17. I have not made a video in quite some time, due to being more into my photography and now I am still injured. I decided to make this video, which I had planned to do long ago but never had any motivation to do so.  It was a hard task to get myself to finish and it it wasn’t too difficult to do when I got stuck into it, which always seemed to be in the early hours of the morning for a few hours. The hardest part was colour correcting it and that always take the longest.

I have started to run out of music to put in the background of these videos now and I have no idea what to use for the next volume at all, if anyone has some suggestions I’m all ears! I put a very little intro together for the start of the video and then got straight into the video itself.



0:25 Yaz and Zain have a bromance like no other because of their skin colour no one else that isn’t brown can join. An inside joke between the two hence the brown power statement.

0:48 I love Denis and is quotes, he has many and they are all brilliant. This scene is a perfect example of how he is as a person, his accent also adds to the hilarity.

1:50 A random guy who lived in the area and saw us training and decided to show us what he used to do when he was younger… Even if his landing was terrible and cringe worthy.

2:10 The blue rails area, which has a rather awkward precision from the rail to the wall. It really gets you mentally and looks further than it actually is. Myself and Denis spent ages here forcing ourselves to do it until it was only Denis left and the shot shows how enraged he gets with the movement.

3:02 I generally have no idea how I managed to slip off the curb, I thought in my mind it was wider than it actually was. It makes for a genuine bail and looks funny on camera and is unexpected as you think I will fail attempting the precision rather than what happens.

4:39 We all have ankles breakers but this one took it to new extremes… It really does look horrible when Yaz lands.

5:08 As you can tell no matter what you are doing someone will always blow the shot, or say something in front of the camera. There is no escaping this sort of behaviour and is no wonder people are so on edge when filming.

6:11 This is how training generally is while out, people having fun and joking around with the more simple things and someone always has some healthy competition with movements.


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