Never make weight, height or age an excuse for not training.

I hear this far too often from people who are new to training as well as the ones who have been training for a while: I’m too short, I’m too tall, I’m too fat, I’m too skinny, I’m too weak, I’m too young, I’m too old, I can’t get better because I am rubbish, or I wish I had better jumps. I’m happy with being average, It’s too scary, I don’t want to get hurt, it’s too cold, it’s too warm, it’s too wet, it’s too far, it’s too high, it’s too difficult, why would I need to do this, and why do I need to repeat moves?

Do any of these sound familiar? People are into using excuses and use ones that fit them appropriately, we really shouldn’t be the fact of the matter is we do. I included have used some of those from time to time, but the main ones I hear are the age, height and weight excuses time after time.

Sure you might be ‘older’ than most that train or you might even think you are too old to train all together, but does that really make you unable part take in sport and Parkour? Of course not! There are athletes who go long past the so called sell by date which is when they are meant to retire, the same people can also still remain in great shape and are just as athletic and strong as the younger ones.


Working out.


Below are sports men and women who have exceeded the expected retirement age in their sports. This didn’t hamper them breaking World Records, winning various medals and still giving younger opponents a run for their money.

John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Steve Redgrave, Mike Cat, Mark Foster, Graeme Hick, Jack Nicolas, Steve Davis, Glenn MacGrath, Shane Warne, Ricky Ponting, Michael Schumacher, Justin Langer, Paula Radcliffe, Haile Gebrselassie and Michael Jordan.

There are even people long into their old age who decide to take up activities and stick with them rather than just accepting that they have to grow old, conform to retirement and be ready to die. Why does society come up with these expectations? Why do so many people follow them? There is no age restriction on anything and the small percentage of people who do break the mould and not listen to these statements are the ones in better health.

You can look just as great in your sixties and above as people in their forties and still remain as strong and healthy as one. Look at Charles Eugster he is just one of many success stories of people like him if you care to google and research for them. He decided to take up body building in his late eighties. So if you think it still is too late for you to start something think again!


Tall and short.


I’m too short or too tall so I can’t jump as far as others when doing precisions, I can’t reach as high walls nor do I find it easy to do tricks… WRONG! I wish people would not use this excuse. Sure to some degree somersaults might be that little bit more difficult for a tall person than a short one. Both have pros and cons but to be fair, not that much that it makes any difference. Same for anything Parkour related so long as you train the right muscle groups you will have an equal ability as someone else with a greater or smaller height than yourself. Don’t be fooled into thinking the taller you are the more distance you will get and easier it is for you to reach things height wise.

I’m too big and heavy to be as good as you guys, I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to flip at all! Man, who cares about weight, I mean seriously? If you are bigger in effect you can generate more power whether you have got fatter over time since you stopped working out, or you have more mass and are starting to train those muscles to help keep fit you will soon find you will get them well worked and strong. Take Dan Stewart for example, he is a bigger guy but does that stop him from moving or tricking? I think not just look at his latest video! So don’t feed me that bullshit of you are too heavy, he has great height more so than people who class themselves to be good trickers and are half his size.

So next time you are about to use an excuse think again about what you are about to say and whether it has any true meaning behind it or you are just afraid and so need an excuse to hide behind!


2 Responses to “Never make weight, height or age an excuse for not training.”

  1. 1 jj April 3, 2012 at 09:53

    I think that the lady that you reference is Martina Navratilova not Maria Navratilova, the tennis player. I could be incorrect, but just thought I would send you that so that you can make the update and delete this comment. :) Perhaps you could add a contact page, as I could not find on the site.
    Thanks for the article it was an interesting read, I hear similar excuses from people all the time, but I think that these people know that they are simply excuses, and really they are just saying, ‘I am not interested enough in maintaining my physical well-being’. Old people were probably blaming something else when they were young, maybe that they did not have enough time, or that they had other commitments, perhaps family. There is always an excuse to avoid doing the things that would be best for you, but which involve effort.

    • 2 Zade April 3, 2012 at 19:23

      You would be correct, I thought it was Maria and got confused with someone else. I have corrected the error now, thanks. :D

      I have thought about having a contact page, although my personal links are at the side if someone wants to get in touch. I also don’t want to display my email due to spam.

      You are welcome, I’m glad others take time to read what I produce. I agree on the ‘I am not interested enough in maintaining my physical well-being’. Too many people say they want to or are into excise but really they have that in the back of their mind.

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