Storm Freerun.


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Storm Freerun.


Storm Freerun is a London based professional Parkour / Freerunning team which was created by Tim ‘Livewire’  Shieff in early 2010 after he had already left Urban Freeflow (UF) following the 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championships. He was a member of UF for many years, along with other core members who all quit at the same time as Tim, due to not agreeing with Ez’s ethos and the way of running the company. Though if you ever want to know the full and correct story, you would have to ask the members personally on the exact reasons behind it all. There has been various Parkour/ Freerun politics over the years, about the attitudes of how UF is run and what goes on behind the scenes.

Many of the new generation will not know much about such past politics and cannot understand why so many of the older generation dislike UF so much. Though not to be confused with the new Urbanfreeflow which was re-branded and changed ownership in (2014?). Again if you research the deep dark corners of the internet about the old Urbanfreeflow, you may find reasons why people disliked them, like this link. The same goes for asking practitioners from the older generation who have been around the scene long enough to be aware and have seen the politics.

The Storm team name was first used at the end of Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff 2009 and then later it appeared in the title of Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph’s 2010 video. This got people asking and wondering what the symbol was and is it some sort of team forming? All which was later revealed as the latter when the calm before the storm video teaser came out. The team consists of five members (currently) Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff, Paul ‘Blue Devil’ Joseph, Jan ‘Jashman’ Barcikowski, Franck ‘Cali’ Nelle and Ashley ‘Spyder’ Holland.



I’ve spoken about Tim in the past, when he used to regularly come and train over in Nottingham many years ago (2006 onwards) with the older generation. Even then, he was doing incredible things such as double kongs which were just starting to become a popular movement within the community. The only difference would be that he did them upwards, downwards as well as kong to handstands. I think having a background in break dancing had really helped him understand the body and being able to move it around with ease. Tim has made some incredible videos and still is producing top class ones his Liverwire Goes: series was brilliant and more late Livewires London Challenge.

Jan was another Nottingham based traceur and is renown for his powerful leg muscles, even when he was a much younger, smaller version of himself. He too used to train with the the Nottingham community back in 2004 onwards. He had incredible hops and had done most precision jumps people had not only dreamt of but ones that people hadn’t even thought to do as jumps too. He had gotten into Parkour and knew Johnny Budden tooo

Once the full storm video came out Storm volume one (shown above) it had blown everyone’s mind including myself, as you an see by the comments. It was so professionally done and stood out from the rest of the videos currently made. The views alone show how famous it is. They have also been featured in the Concrete Circus program for CH4 which was aired on 15 Aug 2010. Concrete Circus brings together the world’s hottest names in urban sports with viral film-maker. Storm’s finished video which was featured on the show can be viewed below.



More recently they have started their own clothing line called Storm Freerun London all witch can be viewed and brought from their shop, normal and famous people alike have been advertising their clothing line and they even did a launch day when first starting it up.

When will the second volume be up? I guess time will tell and we shall all have to wait and see if their will be one (which I am sure there will be). I guess they need the right locations and moves to do that and not be too busy with all the other projects they have going off at the moment. Of recent times Tim hosts and is apart of the Flow YouTube Channel, among many other projects…



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