Radford Training.


Yaz – Portrait.


Today the idea was to train at Forest area again then maybe go and explore in Radford. Although as we were waiting, Denis had not turned up on time once again and Vince informed me that he was still online near one o’clock. Stating he had just won on some game and so had not even left his house yet despite him knowing when we meet! Denis would always come up with some rubbish excuse as to why he was late and would never leave earlier so he would be on time, I had seriously had enough of it! I said lets just leave him and go to Forest as it’s not our fault he can’t time manage and is always late. Zain wanted to wait for him as neither of them had a phone or bag for training. This was stupid because how are you meant to contact people if something seriously went wrong or you were thirsty or hungry and needed to pay for those items?

Denis arrived half an hour later saying he was late due to having to stitch up his trainer which was ripped and he thought it was only a small hole and then when he put them on it was massive so he had to sow it before coming out. Myself and Yaz had enough of all these excuses and punched him for being late then we headed off to forest with Elliot. While Zain, Vincent and Zain stayed to train at Plaza even though it was a beautiful day for training with the sun shining. We told them where we would be in case they wanted to join, but had no phones or anything to contact us if they needed us.

At forest we started on a few pole swings which Yaz did as usual and then Elliot had a go only to grab hold on the lamp post rather than swing around it. I also noticed rail precisions from the wall to the rail and back again, which Yaz gave a go. I really wanted to go to the rail but knew my ankle wouldn’t let me so did the precision back to the wall, even though it felt really horrible. We spent our time at the usual row of walls and Elliot was scared to do the precisions due to the height and so was practising those. Seeing Yaz linking various moves made me want to train and so I attempted a catleap thinking I could land with one leg. As I did it my foot just slipped straight down the wall causing my trainer to come out and my foot scrap down the wall ripping my sock in the process. Again it was a stupid idea thinking I might be able to do normal things still being injured.


Yaz – Pole Swing.


As usual we went over to the pull up bars and did pull ups and muscle ups with Yaz then stating he needs to get food and drink or he will die. So we walked across the field only to then decide we should all do a little handstand competition while some onlookers watched us and tried to copy and fail. We arrived at Hyson Green shops and then walked down the road into Radford. It was a long walk and we decided it was time to head back into town to do some training, so we caught a bus. On the way we went past a place which looked good to train at but never really checked it out and Yaz said we should check it out so we pressed the bell and got off to go check the housing estate out.

We walked through the area being wary due to it being Radford and it’s known reputation,  it also reminded us of London spots everything about this old council estate oozed London. The first thing we saw was a massive standing same level catleap, it would also be a running precision too. Yaz said forget doing that as he hates downwards catleaps and it looked too far for his skill and he wasn’t the best at running precisions a height. I got Yaz to check the other things I saw in the area near by. I hated the fact I was injured and we were visiting a new area, I could see so much potential and yet I couldn’t do anything and it made me so frustrated beyond belief.

We moved down a little bit to a area with a long rail which went up a slope and walls which could be used for precisions, tic tac precisions, general precisions and lots of other movements. We spent ages at this area training and just seeing what else we could fine for the future trips back we were planning. I did a precision from a rail downwards to a wall, I at first didn’t know what to do with it what with my ankle but for the sake of a photo I did the precision and a few more times only to feel pain in the ankle later on in the day. After we got bored of this area we moved round the corner to some garages which had a lovely catleap it had all moss on the top and lose gravel though.


Yaz – Tic Tac Precision.


Yaz was on top of the garages and looked at the catleap, he was afraid of doing things at height but I said he would be fine and to do it. So I got my camera ready and then watched Yaz get ready to do it even though he said his heart was beating ten to the dozen, he didn’t stand near the edge of the garage for some reason, which I thought would be a bad idea if it’s loose gravel but didn’t think twice about it. Just before he jumped I looked down the steps and thought, ‘man if you were to bail this it would be painful’. And at that precise moment, Yaz jumped for the cat but one leg fly back in the air and it looked more like a diving kong something was not right. My heart went in my mouth as I saw him fall face first towards the ground down the gap in a fraction of a second.

I instantly thought the worst and thought, ‘great this will be another accident like David’s catleap bail where he split his head open’. I thought I would have to call an ambulance, I rushed over to the steps to see if he was still concious and to my surprise he jumped upright and said, ‘I’m alright!’ I felt relieved he had no lasting damage and even more surprised he didn’t hit his head and had managed to correct himself in the air so he landed back on hi feet like a cat. The bail could have been so much worse and the fact he had quick reactions may just have saved him from a horrible bail. After this ordeal was over we spoke more about what had happened and how bad it could have been and the fact if I had it on film instead it would have been a YouTube hit instantly.

Yaz was now out of action after the impact to his arse it also pulled his hamstring and he was finding it hard to walk around let alone try things. So we decided to explore the area some more instead looking for possible movements to do when we come back to the area before walking back into town. Me and Yaz decided to go and chill out in the Market Square in the sun and relaxed before heading over to Victoria Centre for some food and drink and at the same time we bumped into Stefano who had just been into Greggs for some food. We all went and sat on the grass near Trent Uni and relaxed and spoke about training and what had happened to Yaz today and general things in life, before leaving and calling it a day. Below is directly from Yaz and his take on the event.


Yaz’s Bail.


I could tell the catleap was well within my limit, the only thing scaring me was the height (as I’m scared of heights and start feeling uneasy). After some thought to overcome my fear, I decided to do it. Due to being scared of heights I thought it would be best if I took off just before the edge. I swung my arms and bent my knees ready to take off for the jump. As I took off I realised my feet slipped and at this point I knew there was no way I was going to ever reach the top of the wall for the cat and so prepared for the worst. Everything from then on seemed to go in slow-motion as I started to fall I could see the wall coming closer to my face and at the same time my legs starting to come above my head meaning I would land head first on the steps from a great height. As my face got closer to the wall my reflexes kicked in and I managed to bring my hands in front of me and push my face away from the wall. This made my body start to fall normally and legs started to return below me and my head wasn’t going to be the first thing to impact the floor. Having pushed so hard I had scraped my wrists and hurt them from the push and it also meant I didn’t land on my feet firmly and they touched the floor before my ass slammed into the concrete. My arse had broken my fall and it didn’t half hurt like hell. I got up as soon as I landed, put one hand in the air to Zade and said “I’m alright” Zade had an expression of pure shock and concern on his face and thought that I had slid all the way down and landed on my face.

I do blame myself for this bail as it was my fault for forgetting that the take-off was on loose gravel and could have easily been avoided by brushing it away before I jumped and using the edge of the garage instead. It was a very lucky escape and if my quick reflexes had not kicked in, it would have been far worse and I might not be typing this right now.




Elliot – Precision.


Yaz at forest recreational ground.


Yaz at forest recreational ground.


Forest Recreational Ground.


Tired Yaz. One man, one wall, lots of loving…


Epic Yaz.


Yaz – Pole Swing to precision.


Yaz – Pole Swing to precision.


Elliot’s attempt at the pole swing. Grabbing for dear life!.


Yaz – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Rail Precision.


Yaz – Tic Tac Precision.


Lady bugs.


Yaz – k2p.


Zade (Me) – Downwards Precision.


Zade (Me) – Downwards Precision.


Deako – Underbar.


Yaz – Rail balancing.


Yaz – Posing.


Yaz’s complete bail.


Yaz – Catleap.



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