Kids, bins and Guinness World Records.


I arrived in town a little after two o’clock. I had been out shopping with Sammie and had not really felt like going out training today. Although seeing as I was in town, I decided to ring Zain to see where people were and then I walked up to the Auditorium area where they were. Just as I got to the hill leading up to Audo, I saw Zain and Denis crossing the road to enter the area. As I crossed over a car was driving up the road behind me and Zain shouted, ‘look out! You are going to be killed’ to which I shrugged – plus the car was at the bottom of the road so would have taken ages for it to reach me.

My ankle was feeling very sore today and my mood was negative in general. Walking up the steps hurt my ankle and even when I circled it due to the pain and trying to loosen and ease the pain, it would crack and then really hurt. This disheartened me and made me feel like why should I even bother coming out at all! I might as well give up all together as it’s not healing as I would like. I really was at an all time low, I would have some good days where I felt great and others where I would be feeling rubbish.

There weren’t many people out today and I thought that was unusual to see, until I got told everyone had split off into smaller groups and earlier in the day loads more people were out training in the area. I got to see Danno who was hardly out now days, so it was good to see him for the short while he was out before having to leave. Moonie had her two younger brothers out with her who she had to look after for the day, Eba 6 and Ray 3. Eba was busy copying what people were doing and would occasionally play fight with people and try to tickle them before running off, as kids do.


Diogo – Webster.


James would swing him around when he would play fight with him and any time Moonie moved from where Ray was, he would toddle along to come find her. Zain spun Eba around after he tried to tickle me but failed as I wasn’t ticklish and he ended up making him cry due to being spun around. Denis thought it was funny he had made that happen and said Zain is bad with children. Later on Eba would spank people’s asses or punch them in the groin as much as this was funny to watch, we shouldn’t have been encouraging that behaviour and have told him it was wrong.

Will, Diogo, Pete and Vince were round the back of the area practising pop wall climbs and Diogo wanted to get a new world record for the highest pop wall climb which was a little over thirteen foot. He had tried so many times and yet had not done the one over the Guinness World Record height. He was telling me he was close to fifty attempts and had grabbed the wall a few times but then slid down. He had previously got it at another training session but he wanted it on film to prove. Will then gave it a few attempts and got it a few times and yet when trying to film he couldn’t do it which was unfortunate. Both of their hands were battered with cuts, and calluses ripped off and bleeding.

I ended up showing some of the guys an old training area called Cat Alley and the things we used to do there. Denis and Will were busy attempting the rail to wall catleap over a driveway which led into a garage, with Denis getting frustrated with not being able to commit to the jump even though Will got it straight away. We moved round the corner to another slopped rail along a path way which got wider the further down you went and a wall with enough of a over hang to put the finger tips on top of. While both Denis and Will did the catleaps and slowly moving down to increase the height and distance only to then realise the rail was lose and no longer connected to the main supporting rail.


Will – Catleap.


Some girls in a car who had stopped in the traffic wound down the window to shout ‘human spider’ at Denis who was doing the catleap and then told us ‘to keep it up and not to break anything’ to which Diogo said he would like to break them if anything. Afterwards some alcoholics came down the alleyway rambling to which we decided it was time to perhaps move on.

We ended up over at the church training where people were doing the running precisions, standing ones and climbing up the walls. Sammie had arrived back from shopping with two pink bags, Zain quick to ask if any contained sex toys or outfits? We sat down while she ate and spoke to Diogo about food for Louis and random stuff about the graves and Christianity. Most were tired and had left training to head home and the ones who were left moved over to the castle area and to the stair set where I told them about the running precision/cat over the blue rail to the blue rails of the stair set which only Will did in the end.

Zain and Denis were doing diving rolls on the bins and increasing the gaps of them. The evening was getting darker and it began to rain slowly and at one point some drunks passing saw that Denis had dived over the wall and vanished so they came over and said he was doing that jumping stuff and that he is very good and to do some more or jump from a building to which Denis replied ‘We are not entertainers… This is not the circus!’ Which had us all in stitches. They left no long after and the guys trained some more before calling it a day and heading off home.


James – Precision practice.


Denis – Catleap.


Denis – Catleap.


Will – Portrait.


Diogo – Webster.


Diogo – Webster.


Diogo – Webster.


Diogo – Webster.


Pete – Running Precision.


Denis – Running Precision.


James – Running Precision.


Diogo, Pete, Denis and James.


Will – Running Box.


James – Portrait.


Zain – Bin Roll.


Denis – Diving Bin Roll.


James – Climb Up.


Denis – Catleap.


Will Catleap.


Denis – Catleap.


Diogo – Webster.


James – Portrait.


Zain – Portrait.


james – Turn Vault.


James – Portrait


Zain – Portrait.


Will – Running Catleap.


Denis – Dive Roll.


Denis – Dive Roll.



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