A Day of Scaffolding.


Zain – Having a much needed Drink!


I wasn’t planning on training today, as it had been raining all night and most of the morning. So when I woke up and saw that it was still raining, I decided to have a lie in and not bother going out. I awoke again just before twelve and saw that it had started to be sunny. Although it was still wet on the pavement, people had asked if I would still come out to which I replied with a stern no. Another hour had passed and I saw that it had mostly dried up now and with that I decided to head to town. I arrived just after two o’clock and rang Zain to see where everyone was, they were across the road from Plaza and so I headed over there. I was greeted by everyone, who had accepted that I wouldn’t be out today. I watched people as they trained, I had taken out my cycling water bottle which I had put some fizzy pop in, big mistake! It had expanded due to the gas and exploded and leaked all inside my bag, most annoying. I was more annoyed as I should have known those bottles are not meant to hold fizzy drinks and only water and yet I had still chose to put soda in it!

I practised holding some handstands and was feeling sad to see everyone so injury free and able to practice as I was still injured with my ankle. Week five and I still can’t use my ankle for training and it was feeling much of the same. I decided to use Zain’s skipping rope which was a dry leather one with wooden handles with bearings in them. It felt strange to use, so light and hard to gain momentum unlike the speed ropes and my own heavyweight leather one. I wanted to see if I was able to skip, the previous week I was skipping double footed but keeping most of my weight baring on my good leg. I began to skip and I felt good, then tried to skip one leg at a time and alternate them, I was still feeling good. I increased the pace and to my joy, it didn’t hurt my ankle and I was able to keep a fast pace going for a long period of time. This is one improvement which has made me think perhaps the ankle is healing, if just very slowly I hardly notice at all. I decided to skip quite a bit today to help strengthen the ankle Although, I did pay the price for it the next day when it hurt and swelled a little too.


James – Taking Photos.


The other had moved on to another area while Zain and Will were doing movements on the railings and linking a turn vault with a 180 dismount, which I got some photos of. I suggested doing a tic tac off the wall first before going into the turn vault and then the dismount. They had trouble doing it and said jokingly if I was to do it then they’ll do it, but it looked too fun not to try it. I gave it a go even though it was my unnatural side, I did the turn vault fine landing on my good leg and then did the 180 dismount and as soon as I landed my ankle gave way and I fell to the floor. I had hurt the ankle again, Zain was sympathetic and knows all too well how frustrating it is to be injured and wanting to train. When he had a injured ankle he would try things and think it’s better, only for it to then hurt and then he would wish he hadn’t done anything with it, but it’s so hard not to do anything as everything is tempting, injury or not!

We made our way to the others, climbing over a metal fencing which had enclosed the area and into the scaffolding area around the back where we met up with the others who had already headed off and been training on the scaffolding. People were doing laches and swinging through and weaving in and out of the scaffolding, over and under inspiring each other and playing off what each other did. While others ventured, climbing up the scaffolding to the the rooftops. There was a bench in the middle of the area which was used for diving kongs, palm spins and precisions jumps too and from. James was wearing his camera gloves again today, even though we make fun of him using them. I can understand the need to want to protect his camera from grunge, but when you are out training it won’t hamper it working and I’m sure he has had enough of trying to reason with us to why he uses them.


Flip – Having his photo taken by Will C.


A few others arrived and joined us, everyone was having fun playing on all of the scaffolding. We spent much of our time in this area and I collected lots of good photos from it. Before leaving the area we watched Seanno climb up the scaffolding to the roof and along the edge to get some photos and being filmed by Will before climbing back down to a second lower roof to have some more photos and videos taken of him. I was walking with Zain and made our way to Trent Uni which was the next stop, only to be called and told everyone had gone to Audo area to train and so we had to back track to join the others. Only to be the first to arrive there and have everyone else keep ringing me, asking where we were, even though they were all meant to be together as a group there before us.

Myself and Flip helped James with his climb up technique and advised how he could improve it. Doing them at the end of the day, they are not the easiest thing to get keep doing. You have to continuously practice and repeat the movement as that is the only way to have them to a good standard. James gets easily frustrated with the climb ups, but it helps to be coached and get different advise to help get them on the right path. I practised a few myself as there wasn’t much else I could do in my broken glass man state. It wasn’t too long until everyone else had arrived along with Yaz, who had just finished uni and began to train though he was disappointed how tired everyone was. A short time later, two policemen and a police woman came walking up the steps to us to say they have had reports to move us on, even though in their eyes they see nothing wrong with what we are doing and it’s embarrassing to have to get a call to come and move us on.


Zain – Scaffolding Swing Through.


Zain asked if one of the police officers could try and chase after him while we did Parkour to get away from them and they said they wouldn’t stand a chance against us and really wouldn’t bother, so the answer would be a no. We packed our stuff and moved on, as we were walking I said did anyone else notice the young police woman eyeing people up to which Zain’s ears pricked up and he soon came running over to me saying ‘You talking about that policewoman? She has handcuffs and everything! She can arrest me any time and use them on me!’ to which we all bust out laughing and as you can imagine other sexual innuendos were used as we made our way down the road to the castle area.

This was the end of the day and we ended up sitting down on a bench talking, and Yaz was rather annoyed he had only just arrived and been moved off one area and now everyone was too tired to train while he was feeling energetic and wanted to jump and move around. It had gotten really cold as it was now getting dark. It wasn’t too long before we all called it a day to go home while the others all went back to Vincent’s to chill, smoke unless that was a secret code for a mass male orgy perhaps? Either way, I’d rather leave them all too it.


Zain – Scaffolding Swing Through.


Denis – Precision.




Flip and Will checking the photography.


Denis, Zain & Vincent.


Denis – Thinking.


Will, WIll & Ben.


Flip in his natural habitat, swinging around.


Flip – Looking down.


Zain & Will.


Flip and his hand!


Zain – Turn Vault.


Zain – Turn Vault


Will – Tic Tac Swing Through.


Will – Railspin.


Zain – Tic Tac Swing Through 1.


Denis – Scaffolding Swing Through.


James – Portrait.


Will – Scaffolding Swing Through.


Will – Scaffolding Swing Through.


Denis & Moonie.


I R Denis.


Moonie, looking worried about being photographed.


Vincent – Diving Kong.


Ben – Human Flag.


Flip – Arms folded.


Sam – Sideflip over the bench.


Flip – Pointing.


Zain – Bench moves.


Denis & Will – Palm spins.


Will – I’m going to do a jump!


A wild Gorilla has appeared!


Zain – scaffolding climbing.


Moonie – Scaffolding Swinging.


Flip – Scaffolding Swinging.


Flip – Scaffolding Swinging.


Flip – Monkeying around!


Some foliage in the foreground as a focal point while Flip is swinging around the scaffolding in the background



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