Carlton Cruising.

Seeing as I was able to walk now without my ankle hurting me, I bandaged it up and decided I would arrived in town to surprise everyone who thought I wouldn’t be out training any time soon. People who asked if I was going to be out, I told them I wasn’t so when I did arrive in town I was greeted by shocked people and lots of man hugs.

Myself, Zain, Diogo and Yaz decided we should go to Carlton again and so we caught the bus to make it quicker than walking. Denis who said he was going to be ten minutes late to Diogo before he left his flat was nowhere to be seen as usual! He said to us later in the day he arrived at twenty past twelve, which was a lie as we had waited until half past. To try to cover his ass for the fact he was late and didn’t even leave his house until 12pm due to being busy playing on a game. He then had the cheek to complain and moan that we haven’t waited for him and gone off to a far area without him!

We started off training at the Old Brickyard as we arrived in the area there where some small kids coming back from the local shop and hanging around. They stopped and watched what we were doing, discussing that we were Freerunners, who we were and that we were sick at the things we were doing. I really like the Old Brickyard it has lots of small walls and rocks for precisions, k2p’s and running precisions. This area really is good for beginner and intermediate practitioners. Today was a great day for training, the sun was shining and sun rays keeping you warm and this area was peaceful. I really wanted to move and train but my ankle didn’t permit me too and it really did frustrate me, I tried to jump into a handstand and it made my foot crack.

Yaz – Running Precision. (Burst shot).

A friendly guy came out of the shop with his son and daughter and started talking to us, asking what is the worse we have been injured, who is the sickest out of us all, and that he has watched people on TV and YouTube do it. His son kept climbing the walls and wanted to join in with what we were doing. The guy said his son fully trusts you and if he was to say jump off the wall he would and knows no real danger.

I had, had enough of being unable to train and decided to do some one-legged precisions on the near-by walls. Then I decided to try them double footed while distributing the weight fully on my good leg and very little weight on my injured foot. This seemed to work great and I practised a few more precisions landing quieter than I have ever done before. I am able to jump on my toes for a while before pain starts to kick in, so soon I will be able to skip so I hope. I spent my time filming and getting photography of the guys training in the area.

While sat down talking and having a break a group of ‘chavs’ came walking up the street like they owned it. We all know the kind and they instantly said ‘these lads are freerunners’, then asked if we were, to which Diogo answered ‘yea’ in a sarcastic manner. One of them said ‘can you do a backflip?’ Diogo answered with a ‘Yea, no problem’. The same chav then said ‘do one then, show us’, Diogo stood up and did a layout of the wall. They were in awe and were like ‘see I told you they were freerunners and can do flips’, before walking off talking about what they had just witnessed.

I guess for these low life cretins anything other than walking with a limp with their asses hanging out there low hung joggers is deemed impossible and out of their reach. So when they see something which isn’t just a basic precision but a somersault they can’t even comprehend how hard it must be to do and so are only but amazed.

Zain – Lazy Vault.

The area has so much potential for linking movements together as I saw when Yaz was doing some striding into a 360 pole swing then into a diving kong. It made me even more annoyed I couldn’t train and try things. We moved over to the giant concrete ball and got Yaz and Diogo to try to get on top of it as they had never tried or been here before. I had seen other people misjudge the run up and slam right into the ball. Luckily, they didn’t do that and I got some posing shots of the guys on top of the ball much to the amusement of a passer-by.

There was a silver bench with two stone pillars next to it and it also had small wooden stumps. I asked Yaz to take a look at the upwards precision, as he jumped the metal rungs on the bench bend down and so making it harder for him to take off and jump so he had to jump even more to make sure he got it.

I had got a call from a very angry Denis asking where I was and why had we gone so far away exploring, at a rubbish area. When in fact we were quite enjoying ourselves in the area and it was far from ‘rubbish’. He was also saying he was late and missed the bus (his usual lame story) and asked if Zain was with us and for me to ‘give back Zain, give him back please’. He obviously felt lost without his training buddy, we made our way back down to the Carlton college are to meet up with everyone else.

James expressed his anger of the day after he had walked to the market square then heard everyone was in Carlton and was contemplating not even training but then went home to get his car to drive down there as it was easier. People were training hard and having fun. It was good to see Ashley had got some interviews and had some training footage from the day. We set up the camera in a quiet area for a few more interviews for his university project, which is on Parkour and the Npk scene.

Overall it was a great day and I am glad I ventured out the house to see everyone and do some very light training. I hope to do the same again next week and hope it won’t be too long until I am back to full healthy and training.

Photo review.

Yaz – k2p.

Yaz – Balancing along the bollards.

Zain – Balancing along the bollards.


Yaz – Running Precision.

Yaz – Same Level diving kong.


Yaz ready for a cat to cat.

Yaz helping Diogo get on top of the ball.

Yaz chilling on the giant concrete ball.

Zain looking like a pet waiting for his master to acknowledge him.

Me giving Zain a kick up the ass to do some training!

Happy Diogo.

The guys talking about moves to be done.

Me filming and Charlie.

Photo time! With Zain, Yaz & Charlie.

Parrish – k2p. James being depressive in the background!

Parrish – Diving Kong.

James and his big lens.

James taking photos of Denis doing the running strides.

Zain trolling the shot.

Zade(Me) – talking about Parkour.


Yaz – Hanging Around.

Diogo – Running Precision.

Diogo – Sideflip.

Yaz – Pole swing.

Diogo: Look at him!

Yaz and the giant orange ball.

Ball buddies!

More ball fun!

Zain holding Yaz.

Pose time! With Diogo, Yaz & Zain.

Diogo – Handstand.

Yaz – Precision.

Zain being Gusta again.

Yaz – Running Catleap to the window ledge.

Yaz – Dyno across to the window ledge.

Yaz – Hanging Around.


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