Food For Louis.

For people of a nervous disposition you may want to skip this article as it contains some grotesque videos which may offend. It shows a grown man eating raw flesh and all manner of creepy crawlies alive!


Food For Louis Logo.


Meet the internet’s newest shock sensation and equally strangest video series Food for Louis! I came across this video channel randomly one day as they were a video suggestion on my YouTube channel. I thought ‘Huh?! A man eating a scorpion? I may as well take a look!’ I don’t know what I expected to see really, perhaps I thought it might have all been fake when I realised it wasn’t, I was hooked! That same day his videos kept popping up on my Facebook news feed from other people who had just discovered him. I’ve shared most of his videos via mine if just to see peoples reactions more than anything! :D

Some have called Louis the new Bear Grylls due to the feats he does. As people will know Bear eats some putrid things while out surviving in the wilderness against the elements. Some have even stated they should both have a eat off, that would be rather cool to see the same goes for seeing them bother together for a video episode.

I’m sure with the amount of views the videos have been getting and the fact that they are so unique, doing the rounds virally. I’m surprised he hasn’t been on the verge of landing his very own TV series! I mean isn’t that where ideas come from, mini video series from the internet which are successful then some bigwig takes notice and suggests doing it on the big screen.

I can imagine he has had a tonne of complaints from animal rights activists, PETA and even death threats from people. To be fair many cultures around the would kill as well as eat a variety of things which in some cases are still alive and would not be deemed in other cultures as pleasant or even humane. In that respect why should people be THAT bothered about it? I see the point about them being living things but think it’s irrelevant and it is only because it is documented via videos that it causes more of a stir than the ones which go unseen and heard of. I think it would be different if he was to eat a live bigger mammal then it would be crossing the line. The simple fact is if you don’t like something then don’t watch it!


A platter of dead mice.


They may try and do as much research as possible before Louis chows down on his unusual cuisine. At the end of the day though I’m pretty sure some of the stuff consumed shouldn’t have been ate alive never mind raw and has it’s own risks. I guess that is all part of the gamble and leaves something to the imagination. It does make me wonder how many times he has to visit the toilet after these videos and forthcoming days.

He always states to post your own suggestions for Louis’ next meal. I’ve seen some rather disgusting replies via YouTube comments from people trolling, it does make you wonder what he will be eating next and what will he draw the line at, because sooner or later it will get rather vile and/or extreme to top what he has done so far.

Watching the videos can be quite grotesque when you think about what he is eating and imagining how that must feel and taste, with Louis gagging at certain moments trying to force himself not to regurgitate the food while it heads down into his stomach. I’m unaffected by such things and can quite easily be sat here eating as I watch the videos unfazed.

That makes me sound quite sick and twisted on some levels but each person has a different level of what they can stomach. What makes it even worse is I enjoy watching him in discomfort while eating whatever it is he is eating, it brings me great pleasure and laughter as I’m sure it does many others who watch the videos and we can all be thankful that no one else has to do anything as disgusting as it has already been done and documented.

Below I have listed most of his videos which I think are best for viewing, I have digested some of the videos for you and some I’ve left without which I don’t have anything to say about due to them being more tame than the others he has done.


Eating 3 huge ragworm’s. At the very top of the page for a reason, this is my favourite video of the series so far! You see the ragworms crawling around the plate and it getting it’s fangs out. Louis puts them into his mouth and his eyes are already watering as for his facial expression as he bites into them it is comical gold followed by him jerking his neck out shouting ‘it bit me!’ shortly followed by heaving and he even ends up spewing them out of his mouth. I was in tears of laughing while watching this as were the people in the background. You can tell he really does not like eating them and you hear that they smell putrid and even taste salty and might even have sand in them.


Eating 21 Live Locusts: Watching Louis put them in his mouth and then seeing them jump out as he has a close up is too funny, I can’t imagine how they must feel crawling around in his mouth! You can hear someone in the background gagging just watching him eat and crunch them all into a disgusting mess.


A raw sheep brain: Man! Just thinking about a brain is horrible enough let alone eating one which would be all squishy. I don’t know how he can eat certain things and not throw up or at least stop himself from vomiting. A brave, brave man, it’s not the worse thing he has eaten though by far.


3 live giant Madagascan hissing cockroaches: I’ve been told by various people I have shown this video to that it is horrible to watch. The intro alone when he is speaking and they randomly crawl out of his mouth is nasty and makes people jump! We all represent cockroaches to be horrid, vile creatures so to imagine eating one is a grim thought indeed. The way he crunches them so fast with his hands clutched together shows how awful they must be to eat, he gets more pale as the goes along and the description of them smelling like diarrhoea doesn’t help the imagery. I think he truly regrets this choice as the amount of chewing he has to do to finally be able to devour them all!


660 live meal worms: Is like something you would expect from the bush tucker trails in celebrity get me out of here. Anyone who has held maggots when fishing will know how they try and burrow through your fingers and feel really weird, just imagine how a bigger version of those feel with a mouth full! He starts wrenching instantly.


10 blended mice: Not alive but brought from a reptile shop of cause. Seeing the the contents is horrible enough, all the blood and fur mixed together into one big mouseshake. He smells it before even pouring it which I think was not the best idea and they all wrench he makes the obvious statement ‘this is such a bad idea!’ He is sweating as he drinks it wrenching all the time saying ‘this is the worse one’ to himself! I can’t even imagine…


A decomposing dead frog: Lets just say that won’t be the best tasting thing to eat! The fact you can see the black gloop dripping from the frog as he bites into it is disgusting, perhaps the French would disagree though? The consistency must be almost rubber like as he is stood there chewing on it for ages!


A live giant scorpion: Soon as he puts it in his mouth it pinches his tongue and you can hear him crunching it and yet the scorpion still wriggles as he pulls him into his mouth! I think this video looked worse than it actually was to be honest with you.


A live giant tarantula: For the Halloween special, this is the video most people remember him for or which has had high viewing much like the scorpion video. Anyone that doesn’t like spiders will know that even thinking about him eating a small spider is bad never mind a over sized one, he picks it up and then proceeds to fol the spider up with its legs before eating it! He even as he puts it in his mouth brings out again a few times trying to get the courage to eat it.


A raw bull’s testicle: He also drinks another one which has been blended. The funniest bit by far is when he blends the massive testicle and it just jumps around in the blender for ages before being blended and exploding. The first bite he didn’t even manage to burst it but then on his second attempt he gets through to which he gags , mumbling to himself  ‘oh dear, oh dear’ knowing how horrible it is and is going to be terrible. This video has to be by far the worse of them all. He is constantly wrenching all the time, and it’s just nasty. He didn’t even eat it all only had a few bites and that was enough for him.








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