Snow Cats.

I have cats and each year it snows they love going out to play in the snow as much as I do. I go out and make snowballs then roll them across the snow so they chase after them. I throw snowballs in in the air for them to jump and catch too. Below is some photography mainly of FeeFee & Ruby with one photo of Mojo.


Mojo & FeeFee.


FeeFee with the look of disgust not being impressed with the snow!


Ruby in the snow.




FeeFee & Ruby.


Ruby being hit by a snowball.


FeeFee close up.


Ruby watching something.


Ruby stalking.


Ruby close up.


Ruby catching a snowball.




FeeFee walking along the fence.


The sisters are leaving!


Ruby meekat stance.


FeeFee playing catch the snowball.


FeeFee 'I missed it'.


FeeFee standing on he fence.


FeeFee 'What's that?!'.


FeeFee & Ruby standing guard.




Ruby Ruu.



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