Whey Protein.

Whey Protein Powder.


Protein is essential for growth and repair of muscles, it is a natural part of your everyday diet. Parkour is physically a very demanding discipline and can take a lot out of your body, so adequate protein consumption is essential for putting back into your body what Parkour takes out of it. Most of us want to be fully functional for Parkour when ever we choose, without having to wait for days on end to recover, so having a supplement which helps aid this process can only be good idea.

You can get protein from eggs, dairy, meat, fish, poultry, nuts, soy and tofu. You can get all these naturally without using any supplements. Although, most find it hard to consume enough protein-rich foods to keep their protein levels high throughout the day. If you are one of those who find it difficult to consume enough, then using supplements such as Whey Protein to boost your protein intake is a fast and easy way to benefit, you won’t be disappointed! I keep wondering how it can possibly be good for me?! Truth is, it’s just a fast absorbing version of what you find naturally in protein based foods and so is totally natural.

I started taking Whey years ago when it was all still new to the Pk community. I felt I wasn’t getting enough through my diet and so I wanted something to help boost my recovery after training and hard workouts and add some extra muscle. I know for a fact when you have had one of those intense days of training where you are feeling tired and like you can’t do any more, the legs and arms are already feeling heavy and tight all you want to do is get home have a shower or bath then relax.

Even though that might be an extreme example of a training day that is the time you want to be taking protein once home to help you not feel as drained or sore the next day. Obviously it won’t cure damage which has already occurred during training like pulled/ripped muscles, those you have to just ride out. It does, however, help heal you a certain percentage faster and stops you being as sore as you would have been without taking any.

A good example is after a hard days training I would feel fatigued, sore and have DOMs for days even a week later! With the added Whey protein consumption, I only felt half the soreness I would normally only feeling slightly tired the day after then being fine there after. I used to hate not being able to train the next few days while I waited for my body to heal. At least with the Whey I can train the next day if I wanted to and not have to worry about how intense my training is. Just to state this will not make you feel a 100% instantly you still have to make sure you stretch, cool down properly from training it’s just a helpful boost to recovery.


Natural Milkshake.


There is no doubt since adding Whey to my diet I have gained more muscle mass and definition with no side effects. If you’re worried about taking supplements to boost your training then there is no need to with whey protein, there’s no steroids involved, all it’s doing is whacking X amount of protein, minerals, Amino Acids and L-Glutamine into your bloodstream that help to repair, maintain and build muscle tissue before, during or after a workout. It also comes in different flavours to suit your personal tastes.

I have tried various brands of Whey with some of them tasting more foul than others. Some lack the real flavour while others come across as too rich. I find banana to be the nicest, due to me preferring them in normal milkshakes. I do also like the strawberry flavour too. I’ve tried the natural flavour and found that to taste the most unpleasant, in my experienced it tasted like cake mix and had some floating strains of what, I do not know in it too, either way my stomach could not tolerate it and it made me feel sick and gag while drinking it. My advice to everyone would be to get flavoured Whey not to dissimilar flavour to what normal milkshakes you enjoy or suffer the possible consequences of regurgitating it or not liking what you have at all, which will be a waste of money.

Whey can be used as a fast acting protein or a slow release one depending how it is taken. To have fast acting mix the Whey with water or juice (best for when just finishing a workout or prior to exercise). If you want a slow release effect mix it in milk (best taken before a long day of Parkour training, or before bed so you have a constant supply as you sleep because you are not eating). I’ve heard and had various people say it is best to always take it in water but feel that is not always the case. In my opinion you should use milk because after all you always need and want to have a constant supply of protein right? So why not opt for milk so it is sustained for up to seven hours. Rather than being mixed with water and lasting a mere two hours.

Have a play around with what you mix it with to find the best tasting results for you, I personally find it tastes rather horrible in water. I also find that when I mix mine with milk it also keeps my stomach feeling full for hours and so I won’t need to eat as much, when that effect runs out though I do feel twice as hungry for food then. The other note I should state is do not bother putting more than one scoop which is normally 25g (two max depending on your scoop size) as this is wasting the whey not because ‘the body can only consume so much protein per hour‘ myth but because one scoop is sufficient and more than enough for a person, you really don’t need to be upping the dose more than that! Drinking too many shakes as a substitute or even in general could cause you to get an upset stomach, I never have more than maximum three daily, spread out throughout the day.


Protein Forms.


I consume mine before I go out for a day of training and with milk to give it a slow release effect to the body throughout training and so gives a constant supply to my muscles as I use them. I also have one after training with milk the same goes for just before I go to bed. The Whey always seems to taste so much nicer after a hard day of training or working out when you muscles really need it as opposed to the days when you haven’t done any working out and are just taking one as a food replacement!

You may ask where can I get some of this Whey Protein from? I hear you ask, well there are a variety of places you can get yourself some from. It is easily available from the high street shops and specialised sport supplement shops too. Be warned though like most products they are always more expensive buying from retail stores than online which is always the cheaper option.

Holland and Barrett sell theirs for around £33.99 for a 908g round tub. If you wait until there is a sale (usually every two months or so) and stock up then apparently you can get the same big tub for half price! In my experience they are not that bad tasting but not the greatest tasting either I also think they are rather expensive too compared to other brands out there!

MyProtein.com has a wide range of very unusual flavours such as Banoffee, Latte, Melon and many others (all which I have not tried). The regular flavours I have tasted are not that bad, the price for 1kg is 14.79 and seems to be the cheapest from the sites I have listed. The only annoyance with this product is it comes in a pouch which can easily be burst or opened. I’d prefer something more sturdy like a tub.

BulkPowders.co.uk is the brand I buy and use which in my experience has the best tasting flavours which are closest to the real flavours of what they are meant to taste like. Their price is marginal higher than the MP site at £14.99 for 1kg. I do like how the protein is also packed in a rectangular tub/container which is sealed tight and unlikely to be opened if knocked over and they can easily be stacked up on one another too with the groves it has on the lid.


Supplements Shaker.


I think some of the worst tasting brands out their are the more expensive and so called ‘best’ products being maxi muscle, PHD, Sci-MX and many more which are widely recommended throughout the body-building community. You know the ones which are advertised and all have the same macho photos of guys who are ripped showing off how good it tastes and can make you look. The best brands tend to have hardly any fancy logos or even macho promotions then again why would they need them if their product is good it will be spread around by word of mouth and good ratings.

I endorse taking Whey as a additional supplement to your own diet, even if you have never tired some before give it a go and see what you think after a few weeks of using it.  I know from experience Whey used to be a big talking point within the Pk community in the early days and people were unsure about taking it but now it comes as part and parcel of training.


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