Ankle Aftermath.

Today I am here with a very sore and tender ankle and foot. It seems to be more swollen today than it was when I first did it (yesterday). I also have slight bruising starting to come out (always a good sign). It feels so stiff it is unreal, it feels as if I have had a plaster cast on for weeks and only just had it off. My leg feels like a giant concrete block making it impossible to move my foot in directions, I still can’t bare weight on it either.

If you are someone who has always been an active person you will know how much of an inconvenience an injury is. It feels like you are disabled, you have had your freedom taken away from you. Tasks become much harder to do and the more you think about the injury the more you want to be able-bodied again and able to train. Heaven forbid if anything ever did happen which meant you could no longer use a limb or it was to be amputated and you couldn’t use it again I would be most distort! Sure it sounds over dramatic but to me the boredom of not doing anything but rest really grinds on me. I sit inactive when normally I exercise daily and am always doing something!

Instead I’m here binding my time, doing nothing, looking at my foot wishing it was better, wishing that somehow I had the ability to self heal like wolverine. Perhaps I even wished I knew what and how to us chi to aid the healing process like the eastern cultures. I’m grumpy the best of times if I don’t get my daily dose of a workout, so when I am injured I become a force not to be reckoned with and become very snappy with people due to the frustration.




The body is an amazing thing as is the mind used together it becomes something which can even baffle science at times. I think even subconsciously while you are sitting there wishing and hoping to be better that some sort of energy helps you get better, or the brain somehow engages the body to speed up the cells and tissues to heal. Something science will never be able to prove much like the whole does God exist debate. The passion to be healed and wanting to be out doing what you love helps you get through the low times of injuries. Nothing is impossible and even if someone said to you that you could never do full training again or that it will take X amount of time to you, your drive alone will help prove that time frame wrong.

I know on numerous occasions I have been told when having broken bones that it will takes months before I am healed and will be able to use things fully again, yet a week or so down the line I am able to do light training and am feeling great, within half the time frame I am completely better. The cause of this? I have no idea I’m not saying I am better than anyone else or hold super powers but I do really believe it is down to the mind and body being used as one.

I think the body adapts to what ever you do and much like bones grow stronger through being broken and hit repetitively desensitizing them the same applies for healing. If you are fit and healthy and you get minor injuries the body learns to cope with them and heal them faster, then when you get a more serious injury due to being exposed to smaller traumas it reacts to it just the same way.

Back to a more real note, the funniest thing about my injury is me hobbling around on crutches, or crawling up the stairs it’s very annoying but you have to see the funny side of things. My cats really do not like the crutches and they look at me gone out when I’m crawling up the stairs or walk by my side watching and smelling me perhaps they know that I am injured and want to some how help and look after me.


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