Titanium Ankle.

So today I have effed up my ankle something royally. I shall explain, I had only been out training a total of one hour and I destroyed myself. This brings me back to a lesson I should have learnt from my 2005 ‘shinjury‘ from forcing movements. I was training in Sneinton with everyone and we were practicing in an area full of precisions and box jump combinations. I was looking at a small precision into a bigger one, all in one motion. I went for it a few times but always put one foot down each time, even though I could clearly do it!

The next time I went for it I decided that I would full on commit and force myself to not let my foot touch the floor. I don’t think I got as much push as I needed and so my left foot landed fully on the wall while my right landed more on my toes. As it did this the heel pushed all the way down to which I felt and heard a loud pop/crack and felt a intense burning pain! Before I could say ‘ow that hurt’ my toes pushed down on the wall causing the heel to raise up and once again do the pop/crack noise again and the burning pain stopped but made my foot feel numb. I hopped of the wall and people who saw what I did asked if I was alright and I asked if they heard the pop noise. I went to walk and found I couldn’t bear any weight on my foot at all and so just fell to the floor then crawled over to my bag and sat down, the pain then started to kick in.

I watched while others trained while I circled my ankle and checked it over to make sure it was all in tact. It had felt like the ankle joint had subluxation then relocated all in one. There was no instant swelling but I put on tight tubigrip bandage on for protection. After sitting for a while I tried to stand up and it hurt badly to bare any weight never mind to try and turn the ankle in various directions while the foot being flat on the ground static. I decided I would have to get picked up so I could go home, there was no way I would be able to walk across to the other side of town like this! I hobbled very slowly in pain out of the area and to a near-by location and awaited to be picked up, my trainer felt tight by this point my ankle felt so stiff and wanted to give way with each step I had taken.


A normal ankle X-ray.


Once I got at home, I wet a bandage so it was freezing cold and wrapped it around the ankle and foot, keeping it elevated. I made sure I had some food as I was starving then thought about what I should do next. My lovely girlfriend said I should definitely go to A&E and have it checked out where as I thought I may as well just leave it and in a few days I’ll be fine much like when I rolled my ankle 8 months ago and it was sore but after a few days I was training as normal. In the end I was forced to go to A&E, I despise that place so much mainly for the waiting times and every single time I have been there no matter what the injury I have always been waiting a good 8hrs.

After waiting just over an hour I was seen, I explained how I had done my injury to the Doctor and explained what I normally do when injured and the fact I have a high pain threshold and so that might effect me not feeling the full pain. As he examined the foot and ankle, he pushed in various places and asked if things hurt to which they didn’t near the ankle where he prodded, he said it will be sore from the subluxation. I then got taken to X-ray to be on the safe side of things to make sure there was no other underlining problems. During this time I was sick of hobbling about at less than 1mph so I decided to hop around everywhere much to peoples disbelief and laughter. I even got a comment about how I have great balance to be able to hop around like that. Then again it’s just like doing a Hell Night exercise where we would hop up and down steps or across car parks (such simple things amaze people it really is funny!).

Once the X-rays were taken I was back in with the Doctor and I asked him what the verdict was and if my titanium feet and ankles have once again saved me from them being broken? He looked at me with a face which said otherwise, he examined my foot once again pressing in different areas harder and asking if I felt pain, to which I replied ‘no?’ He looked puzzled then showed me my X-rays and the result. His words were, ‘here are your x-rays and as you can see your bones are pristine, then there is your ankle joint which is all in tact with no problems’. He then said ‘but… further down where your ankle bends up there is a rather big fracture on the bone which should be causing you dire pain and making you unable to use it as its came away too from the bone too. Do you know anything about this?’




I then explained around eight months ago in gymnastics I landed in the foam pit and my foot hit the bottom then pulled to the side, which made it crack loudly. From then on the top of my foot where the fracture was on the X-ray hurt me for a few days but I thought nothing of it and thought it as a sprain. I treated it like I do any injury then carried on training with it a few days later when it caused me no further pain. His face suddenly dropped in shock and his eyebrows raised. He then went on to say how could you not remember this let alone not come in to get it checked due to it being classed as a big fracture of 3cm’s across. He seemed astonished that I could function normally with that and the fact my bone has moved away from where it was. I said again with my high pain threshold, it takes a lot for me to actually stop what I am doing or come and seek medical attention. He wrote all what I had said about the past injury and the rough estimate of when I did the injury and then said I am good to go and just do what I normally do with the R.I.C.E technique and to take it easy and return to sports when I feel I’m good and ready.

I had to laugh with Sammie when I left for the fact I had a previous fracture in my foot which I never knew about and carried on training as normal. It was pretty badass to think something like that could happen. I also got told to calm down as I’m not Rambo and should not be thinking I can carry on no matter what injury happens. I think anyone with a strong passion for sports gets on with it injured or not look at all the professionals athletes out there. I guess the morel of my story is don’t force things and to always seek medical attention when things make a loud crack and not just dismiss them? ;)



I went to the doctors on the 3rd of April 2012. He said it is strange that it had put me off my feet this long and it hasn’t as of yet healed but it’s not uncommon either. I have been referred to physio (awaiting the appointment) and been told to still not exercise for a further two months and the ankle should be back to a normal-ish state again. Failing the physio and my body still not healing my ankle after that time frame. I’ll then have to go down the MRI scan route then a possible arthroscopy and/or an operation to fix it. I’m hoping it won’t come to latter but I guess time will tell.



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