Sébastien Foucan: Fineside Video.

After speaking to various people about Sébastien being on Dancing On Ice and the fact there hasn’t been any new video material from him since he did the Retour A La Racine video with FreerunningTV.com which was a brilliant insight in Parkour training and shown how training really is. I was saying it was about time he had something more up to date as I know like me so many people would love to see new videos from him.

I logged into YouTube and low and behold I see a new video from Seb called Sébastien Foucan puts Fineside to the test I felt excited to watch this and interested to see how this video would look and feel. I watched in awe and thought the over all video was amazing and again a perfect example of what Parkour is A-B movement (which you don’t see all that many of at the moment) even if everything is core movement and nothing is of a big standard or full of flare like you see in many videos today.

For an older guy he moves with such speed and agility he doesn’t move any different to someone half his age, in fact his speed is more impressive than most people I’ve seen in videos produced today. I don’t know why any Parkour athelete would not be impressed by this video unless they just care about tricks and dangerous drops.

He still has his own style in the way he moves, he does his own movement how he wants and even the way he climbs up and does movement is different to everyone else. You can see through Sebs movement that he hasn’t conformed to how others move. For example, people who all train Parkour even the more famous people like Phil Doyle, Daniel Ilabaca and many others they all move in a very generic (same) way.



I think over the years pk has became more and more boxed, with the correct terms (name wise) having to be used. Even the way we move it has to be perfect or done a certain way like how everyone else does it and it is becoming more and more controlled and contained. So from that aspect Seb is not boxed like how everyone else is. He isn’t doing it to fit into what’s acceptable in a, what’s sometimes classed as, ‘a good parkour video’ to some, where big tricks and jumps being the main focus. But he seems to move for him, not the people watching the video, but just being himself and moving as he wants to and for what he feels is natural. This could also be why the video has such a different feeling than others.

A good example I shall use here are younger guys getting into Parkour are fed with constant videos like these Raza Latina – Parkour & Freerunning and so think this is what Parkour/Freerunning is all about, doing all the crazy stuff to get notice. It is a sad sight to see in various communities when this happens. They then expect everyone who is of a good standard and are recognized in the community to be doing things like this while out training with them. Instead they might find the total opposite and find those guys are the ones doing basic movements a number of times over and over again. In short they then will think, “well why are they doing that? Anyone can do these things even me” and so then have the view that in fact training with a more advanced practitioner is ‘rubbish’ because they are practising smaller level stuff which isn’t as impressive and what can you actually get from doing this?

I think *sigh* for some people there is no getting through to them, they have to learn the hard way over time to understand the true meaning of training or forever remain with these harsh views and become completely out of touch with what the real reason and spirit of training is.

It was cool to see Jonny Wilkinson in the video too giving the underbar’s a go at the end of the video. I wonder if they will also be making a Rugby video with him in it next? Either way I would be interested in seeing that as well.

Below are some videos from behind the scenes of the Fineside Video.







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