Carlton Pt 2.


Zain & Zade (Me) – Portrait.


Today I awake and ready for the day ahead, buzzing with energy! The weather was sunny and dry, perfect conditions for training. I spoke with Denis online as I ate my breakfast, I had already packed my bag so I was ready to go as soon as possible, early or not. I headed out to my bus stop earlier than norm, wanting to be in town early. It’s a good job I had as well as there where roadworks and it took longer than normal to get to town, though due to going earlier I still arrived on time. At the meet up spot I was joined by Adam and Vinny, who I hadn’t seen for a while, since before Christmas. We waited for Denis who, as always, was late. Only arriving as we all walked off to Snienton Market to pick up Zain on our way. We arrived but Zain was nowhere to be seen, even though I had dropped called him long before we arrived. We then saw him jogging around the corner saying ‘Dick’eds’ because he thought we had already arrived and left him. So he had started to jog to see where we had got to, not realizing we hadn’t even got there yet.

He had came out without his bag which Denis immediately picked up on and said ‘Zain, you look weird without your bag you should go get it!’. We made our way to the abandoned looking College, jogging on our way to get ourselves warmed up and there quickly than walking. Once there we were joined by Sonny. We put our bags down and didn’t really know what to practice, everyone split off doing their own things. We all had a go at a running precision which involved stepping onto a window ledge then pushing off like a tic tac onto a near-by wall. It was awkward at first, and felt like your foot would slip off the ledge or not get enough power. It provided some nice photos though and you had to be aware of the pigeon poop which was all over. We practised some of the standing precisions in the area and looked for more things we could do. Zain did some precisions on the bollards in the area while the rest of use use the rails for movements and flow.


Sonny – Tic Tac Precision.


I wanted to do a pop wall climb on a nearby building, which looked high and I decided to give it a go while Zain watched. I didn’t want a huge run up so took a few steps then launched of my first foot and grabbed the top of the roof which had an over grip ledge to make it easier to climb up. It felt a stretch due to not having much of a run up and didn’t half pull my legs as I reached up, ow. Zain, Sonny and Vinny wanted to give it a go too and have a look on the roof, Denis wanted to film and do a flip off the roof and so took his camera up with him. I set up my camera below to film Denis as he did his tricks off the roof followed by a roll, flailing about trying to find his balance afterwards. Vinny did a few back layouts of the roof as well as a wall flip. Moving back to the main area I wanted to have a go at a same level kong to precision. I had a few tries but due to it being a high take off it was hard to get near the landing and instead landed with both feet a few inches below the landing! Maybe next time I’ll get it though.

We moved over to the big downwards precision, which I couldn’t do last time due to a shin splints injury and general leg tiredness. I set up my cameras and had a look at it, then decided to do it straight away without hesitating. I did over power it quite a bit, having to jump off the wall after into the long grass. I got back up and did it a few more times sticking the landing and feeling proud of with what I had achieved. I then turned around and looked at the possible upward catleap. It seemed as big as it did before, but not impossible. I stared at it a few times then tried to force my self to do it hitting the wall with one foot and pushing off. I felt so close, I couldn’t do it with ease and yet my mind and body was rejecting me from trying it thinking it wasn’t possible. After mentally going through how far it was on the ground, I decided to put 110% in as I knew I could make it! I just had to resist any urge which said otherwise and stopped me…


Denis – Precision.


I leant off the ledge and jumped as hard as I could, reaching the ledge and having me feet quite high positioning wise on the wall, climbing up fast and feeling great. I could hear Denis in the background shout, ‘Argh, noooo!!! Now I have to do it! Fuck you Zade, you sick guy!’. I don’t know why he felt he had to do it too, but he did as he wanted to do it and hoped it wasn’t possible. Zain kept looking at the precision down and really wanted to do it. He paced back and forth as did Sonny who decided he was too tired to attempt it. Zain said he is going to do it and to count him down, I did and with a few times him telling us to wait he wasn’t ready yet, so why count down?! When he did do it, he put too much power into the jump and as soon as he landed he had to jump off into the grass and do a roll, I heard his feet scrap as he slipped off the wall. Abdur also did the precision due to everyone else doing it and did it fine due to his massive precision jump range.

Zain then had a look at the catleap and said he could see it, with Denis whined saying, ‘No don’t Zain’. I think more for the reason he didn’t want Zain getting it before him… Zain said ‘can I have a count down again please’ and I began to count down. He then jumped and made the catleap, hyper extending his ankle as he landed which we all saw. He climbed up then came back down limping saying it hurt and rolled on the floor in the grass, laying on the ground. He was pleased he did it but not for the fact his ankle was hurting and now injured. Denis now felt more peer pressure than ever and stood there ages looking at it, not being able to jump at it, hitting himself on the head and cursing a lot. Saying this was a shit thing to do and was much like the blue rails catleap/precision he had fought with so long and hard in town. He did manage to do it but trailed his leg behind as he did, which he was not happy about.


Group Shot.


We went to the concrete stair area to practice catleaps and precisions. I kept looking at the 180 precision from cat position, which was there but so scary to do! While everyone else was sat around, tired and unable to do things. I over heard Sonny and Denis talk about doing a kong to cat. I thought they meant the smaller one which I had seen and I decided to rid the plants and try it myself. Denis said I wouldn’t be able to do it as it looked too far and others passed judgement and thought the same with it. I said I will test it first then go for it afterwards as I didn’t think it was that far too do, even with my poor kong precisions. I ran up and did the kong and kicked the landing wall with one leg while the other hit the floor. It was within range and closer than I had first thought. I said I would do it and went for it the second time and made it much to Denis’ despair. He then proceeded to say that I was being ‘cheeky’ today because I was full of energy and able to do most of the movements he wanted to achieve but didn’t. I heard everyone else say that the movement looked nice and what about a 180 cat from where I landed?

I said okay and did the 180 cat back once I had done the kong cat. I decided to practice this movement various times to make sure I had it. By this time Sonny was too depressed about being injured and unable to do anything that he called it a day and left. I wanted Denis to have a look at the kong cat and thought he would be able to achieve it too, even though he said it’s too far for him and he doesn’t like kongs in general. After a few attempts it was clear to me that he could in fact get it if he just committed to the movement. We all encouraged and cheered him on until he got it and then he had a cheeky smile from being able to do it! We moved to the grass area where it was mainly Denis doing flips off a wall while the rest of us talked and chilled out. We got some funny photography near the graffiti and some group poses.  We then decided to take the long walk home from there and look for anything else which might be new to train at. Some photography from the day can been seen below and throughout the post.


Abdur – Diving Kong.


Zain – Tic Tac Precision.


Zain – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Denis – Precision.


Vinny – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – Tic Tac Precision.


Zain & Vinny – Portrait.


Group Shot.


Denis – Climb.


Zade (Me) – Tic Tac Precision.


Vinny – Layout.


Vinny – Wallflip.


Vinny – Layout.


Denis – Sideflip.


Denis – Front Tuck.


Denis – Precision.


Denis – Front Tuck.



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