A whole new level of pain!

After having a complete week off  from all conditioning and weights, I felt refreshed and have been calculating all my new one rep maximums so I have my 9 week plan up to date. I have included legs into the routine which I didn’t before. I am one of those people who hate the pain of legs and neglect them for that sole reason.

I just finished the leg workout, which included me wearing my weighted vest, a bag pack and holding dumbbells while working out, lets just say it was hard to do! It hurt really badly and made me feel sick. I am currently walking a lot slower and my legs feel like jelly and shake when I’m using them. I hope the next few days are not too bad!

List of things I have done while wearing the 10kg weighted vest and holding various different dumbbell weights in each hand ranging from 9-16kg. All the below exercises follow the same x3 sets of 15 Reps principle.

  • Bulgarian lunges.
  • Squats.
  • One leg calf raises followed instantly by 50 hops on the worked leg.
  • Dumbbell Lying Hip Abduction.
  • Deep Squat.
  • Straight-leg Dead lift.
  • Front Lunge.

The next few days were not too bad but I did ache and some muscles decided they wanted to be pulled. It was a pain when I had to do bicep/tricep workout due to my forearm being badly pulled.

I seem to have pulled my neck rather badly. Either that or it has just occurred for no reason at all. I woke up one day to be in chronic pain with my neck, unable to move it and it gave me a constant headache. It felt as if the muscle at the back of my head had detached from it (even though I know that is unlikely). The pain isn’t like whiplash, which I have had before nor is it like any over worked muscle so I have no idea what has caused it or why I am in so much pain.

I’m currently spending Christmas and New Year away from my home city and so it gives me a week odd to have a good rest again (after only having one two weeks ago) I just hope this constant neck pain will subside and I am better for the new year where I can workout again without pain.


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