One day, one angle. (Video).

I have just finished uploading a new video which was filmed on Wednesday 30th November 2011. Much to my frustration with uploading it to YouTube what with my internet speed still being really slow due to it being newly installed.

The video was filmed at amphitheatre/ Royal Standard Place/ Audo. (The place has quite a few different names which people use for it).

There is a side entrance to the area which also leads down some steps to the apartments and at first glance all there seems to be is a Catleap/ Arm Jump and Precision to practice. I set my camera up on the tripod and began to record, I did various movements in the area with no real set time limit. I spent a long time just working things out, having to wait as people walked up and down the steps. I did as many movement as I could think of at the time and which were within my capabilities. It was tough doing movements over and over again non stop, it really did keep me warm on such a cold day.

Some movements I failed on a few times, others I did fine. Looking back though, I could have done so much more which I didn’t think of at the time of filming and so in retrospect I can’t exactly change that.

The only down side to the angle I chose is it came out rather dark, even though at first glance it seemed to be just fine. I guess that happens from time to time with filming. I tried to colour correct and change all the settings in Premiere Pro but in the end it didn’t make that much of difference! I am happy with what I did film and for one day and the few hours I was out training, I think I did pretty well considering!

I used a different kind of beat, one which many will recognize and know of. I didn’t want to use the same old Hip Hop tracks and seeing as it was a video of training I didn’t want it to have a overly serious tone to it.



00:18 Was the second thing I did of the day and when I went for the precision I felt like I was going to miss it due to jumping higher rather than to the desired landing spot.

00:27 I like this part of the video of me sitting down, then falling into a roll. It really is a cool way to get up from sitting and looks funny too when people see you do it.

00:31 I only do the 180 Catleap/ Arm Jump from right to left due to there being a very small gap at the side of the signs and I didn’t want to damage them coming back across and landing on them.

00:42 These walls really were too small for me to be doing palm spins on hence why they look a bit sketchy with the hand placement and landings.

00:48 I hated trying to do the 360 Wallhop on that wall as there was a rail directly to the left and only had enough space to go up and land without smashing my arms into the bar. I failed various times on it because I was so aware of the bar being there.

01:07 Is a nice Catleap/ Arm Jump to do but can be quite heavy impact and force if you don’t do it right. This was probably one of the fastest movement I do in the video.

01:26 Checking and wiping my Kalenji’s and thinking, ‘oh no I’m wearing away the grip with all these landings on walls from cats and tic tacs.’

01:36 Is me doing a cat/ arm jump to the rail the only thing I do not like about this is that it looks like my arse touches the floor due to having extremely baggy jogging bottoms.

01:49 For anyone who hasn’t seen me wearing or know about the Npk T-shirt take a read I think it’s pretty accurate to what we do a lot of while training. I also look more bearded due to not having a shave since start of Movember.

02:03 Enjoy all the little extras of me failing.


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