Scaling Walls, the cold and an Audience.

It was a rather bitter cold of a day, today. We started off over at Auditorium area to warm up, only to find there were already lots of skateboarders, Bmx’s and scooter guys occupying the area, making all manner of noise and destroying things. We warmed up in the even though the wind was so cold it would cut straight through you. We trained for as long as we could before getting told to move and escorted off the area by an old man who claimed to live there. A few of us moved to the back of the area where we practised pop wall climbs only for it to really hurt our hands when we failed, they were so dry and so cold it made them feel smooth.

When you grip the wall it hurt so much and really ripped the skin and calluses off your hands. We met up with everyone at the castle where people were doing the running precisions and standing ones from the bench to the green rail. We were joined by Sark again who had met, Matt, Parrish and others from another location. Mid way through training at the castle area, Ben was looking at a standing Catleap or a possible running cat at castle college. Ben decided he wanted to do it in the end and it looked so easy to do and yet looked massive on film and photos.

An audience started to gather to see what was going off and stopped to take pictures and videos of Ben doing the running Catleap. I laughed as after all the attempts he did of the move giving the camera to different people to film, all had very bad filming and would zoom in, miss the shot or just hose pipe.This annoyed Ben and he ended up doing it one last time with the camera set up on a tripod. Diogo also wanted to do the running cat and after much debating, pacing back and forth getting into the mind set and a big crowd, he did it grabbing the window ledge then bouncing off. Huge respect to them both! Below are some photos from James of the training session, as I didn’t take any myself of the day.


Zade (Me) - Pop wall Climb.

Zade (Me) – Pop wall Climb.


Diogo - Portrait.

Diogo – Portrait.


Diogo - Pop Wall Climb.

Diogo – Pop Wall Climb.


The Running Catleap.

The Running Catleap.


Footage Reviewing.

Footage Reviewing.


Zade (Me) - Portrait.

Zade (Me) – Portrait.


Diogo - Sizing it up.

Diogo – Sizing it up.



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