Jumping Around.

Today I awoke early and ready for the day ahead, I was excited it was a bright and sunny day (after all the recent rain we had been having). I was full of energy, I wanted to film and make the most out of the four hours of daylight we would have once we all met up. I headed into town. On the way there was masses of traffic, the roads were grid-locked, I looked out of the window and then realised it was the  strike to which many were doing a march from forest recreational ground all the way to the Council House and other places around the city. I decided to get off the bus at Clarendon College to avoid being late and waiting in grid-locked traffic. I was still pretty far from the meet up point and so I began to jog up the hill through the march, seeing so many people in one big group was insane they were all marching down to House Of Fraser way.

I quickly cut down a side road and carried on jogging into town, it felt easy to jog at a slower pace compared to other times I had done it and burnt out. I have put it down to when I used to jog I would run at a pace too fast for myself and would end up being at a sprint pace, causing me to tire at a quicker rate and be unable to run for long distances. Now all I do is run at a slower pace which you see all joggers do and at the time you think to yourself as they go past ‘I could walk faster than them if I wanted to’ this technique really works well (me not being a jogger) and it didn’t leave me out of breath and it was easy to get to town in time if a bit sweaty on arrival.

Sonny was late due to the protest and once he arrived we moved to Auditorium/ Amphitheatre/ Royal Standard Place area to train once cutting through the protesters who were now progressing from the Market Square. Once at Audo, I felt rather cold and not sure if I was in the mood to train, I could feel my pulled neck hurting due to the cold. I kept my scarf wrapped around it to try and combat that effect. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. If I worked on basic movements over and over I should warm up faster than do some combined  skipping and stretching.

I unpacked my camera and started rolling, I practised a small Catleap/ Arm Jump to a wall then did a 180 Precision instantly afterwards. Doing this multiple times started to warm me up no end. I also did the Catleap one handed and a few other vaults as well. I moved further across and filmed me doing some Underbars, something which I very rarely do at all now days. I used to be renowned for doing them pretty much anywhere on any sized gap, I have changed since then and feel more blocky and scared about hitting myself when I pass through the rail. It’s a good thing flexibility is still on my side making me able to manipulate the situation and make sure I get through it even if I feel scared now.

Myself and Sonny were practising the bigger precision from a ledge to another raised ledge with a lamppost. I got various angles and it always seemed to look harder than it was. I kept not landing it as I would have liked and so began to get frustrated with it. I really need to work on leg strength and start getting increased distances again.

Just across from this Precision was a small walk way which led down to the apartments and at first glance all there seems to be to practice is a Catleap and Precision. I set up the camera and began to do as many movements in that area as I could think of, it was tough doing movements over and over again non stop. Some things I failed on a few occasions, others I did fine. Looking back through the footage I could have done some more movements which I didn’t think of at the time.

The small video I filmed from this part of the day can be viewed below and read about on the One day, one angle post.



We moved down to the castle area where Denis joined us, we practised the running box jumps from a bench to a rail, we also tried them as running precisions and standing ones. Various people would comment on what we were doing and watch out of interest, some even took pictures or filmed which is always nice to see.

We walked down “U.N/Urine Nation” way where I wanted to show Sonny the diagonal precision from a electricity box to a wall, much like the diagonal one he wanted to do at IBM/ Precision Triangle. Denis said we should do it and told me I should try it. Shortly after he mentioned it was rubbish and he didn’t like it because it felt to far and hard to do and that we should leave the area. I wasn’t feeling it at all but didn’t want to leave it for another day. Sonny had a few looks before doing it with ease much to Denis’ annoyance. This spurred me on to do it and I paced back and forth on the electric box for some time sizing up the gap. Looking at the take off and landing, thinking to myself, ‘how the hell did I get the balls to do this the last time?’.

I could see and feel it but my body just wouldn’t let me do it, a guy walking past stopped and asked what we were doing and asked to see the jump to which I replied ‘It’s scary and I’m sizing it up still’. He waited and watched me pace back and forth, Denis was talking about how he would get hurt if he tried it and feels like he would bail. He also kept putting me off with his talking and saying how he would fail and get hurt and I will too if I try it. I decided with the pressure from the observer and the fact I was taking too long to do it that I needed to do it. I turned away for a brief moment, thought about the jump then turned back around looked at the take off point and the landing , bent down then jumped and landed it fine much to the amazement of the onlooker. I continued to practice the jump and film it.

We stayed in the area while Denis explored and I practised some running pop wall climbs with Sonny and got Denis to do it too once he was back. I really like these now and can feel how much easier they have become over time, what with all the conditioning I have been doing. Sonny wants to be able to just pop up the wall and get from cat into hip shimmy as fast as possible how I do them. I explained it takes a long time and a lot of practice, he has only been training a few months but is progressing as a phenomenal rate!

We walked to the back of Broadmarsh and took a look at the K2p’s there which proved to be a problem for me in general and we practised some Precisions, until a van driver came and parked right in front of them. On that note we walked to the Ice Stadium to train, by now the daylight was fading and I decided to pack the camera away. It had been a good day and my body was tired and starting to feel it from the previous days workout. Everyone’s morel started to fade too and not long after we decided to call it a day and go home.


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