Npghey Volume 15. (Video).

I just finished making the latest Npghey video, Volume 15. They are well into the double digits now and don’t look like they will ever be stopping at this rate. I do enjoy putting an edit together of the shit and giggles we have at training. Not everything can be captured but you get an idea of behind the scenes feel to it all.

I did like the intro I made to the video and thought the song choice fit well with it. I always try to make an intro of the clips which are random but have no real need to be in the video in full format. It breaks you into the video just watching them and you have a feel of what you are letting yourself in for.

The only down side to this video is over time I had been training a lot with Yaz and we had lots of bails of us. I didn’t want to include the end Catleap/ Arm jump fails from me and Yaz as it took up well over a minute of footage. I didn’t want to totally scrap them either so put them in at the end.

I have since gotten rid of most of the footage of myself and Yaz in this volume, and so for the next one I should have more clips of everyone else from the various training sessions and video making I have been doing.

00:36 I do a lazy vault and shortly after undress only for Zain to say ‘Looking good’ makes me think perhaps he has a gay tendency.

01:07 It might not be too clear to everyone but I hit my funny bone in my Elbow on take off for the lazy it was only after I had got over the wall that the pain really kicked in hence me saying ‘owar’ mid air.

01:24 I honestly have no idea what was going off here, it’s that random. I just filmed it then looking back I was like Max what were you on seriously?

02.24 It makes me laugh as some people still don’t realise that when you are filming despite there being a camera set up on a tripod.

02.59 Is a great example of no matter who you film and where you film, there will always be someone else trolling the shot or attention seeking as this shot shows…

03.08 It was a little bit of a bet between me and Yaz about this same level catleap/ Arm jump and weather it’s first do-able and secondly, if we could stick it. I said I would be able to do it and perhaps stick it too! Hence the banter between us when we both fail.

03.44 No matter how much you check surfaces to ensure they are safe, there will always be something which can happen. Luckily, in this shot it was only a very small amount of debris not injuring anyone. I would hate to think what would have happened if a whole brick had came loose and fell down.

04.00 I love this shot because the fact I cut the music just at the peak before the beat so you expect something to happen only to have Ares say ‘I’m scared’ then it carries on again. Shortly after you hear a loud bang which must be a door slamming shut but some people might think it’s a gun shot or something to which Ares jumps as soon as the noise is heard I thought was a bonus.

04.36 A perfect example of how Denis is in real life, he will do something but if it’ hurts him or he doesn’t like it he will bounce around all over the place.

04.47 The story behind the Catleap/ Arm jump. Me and Yaz decided to get this on film after doing it a week before when I wasn’t filming and it not being a problem at all. We had warmed up and decided to film it only to find that we were both now scared of doing it! We threw ourselves at the wall attempt after attempt with no avail, we even got more injured each try. Resulting in us deciding to call it a day and leave it until another time.


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