Plyo and Strides. (New video).

Today I spent most of my time editing a video of Saturday’s training session. The video itself is short and sweet – I didn’t realise I had filmed so little. Although, to be fair after training at IBM/Precision Triangle for hours it was not too long until it was getting dark. I improvised with what footage I did have and worked with it. My aim was to acquire enough footage from the day to produce a small video of my training.

The video has a different feel to the usual montages I have made in the past, even from what you see out there at the moment. The music was different to what I usual use but I felt it worked well within the video. It reminds me of music played in the background of computer games. I’m more open to music without lyrics and which have a more chilled feeling to them, I think they work really well with these sort of videos.

I wanted to film it all as naturally as possible without the aid of a fish-eye, which are so over used in the Parkour community. I am also guilty of using them in the past with videos, not to make gaps look big but because they are an easy option of getting up close and personal with filming.

I feel simplicity is beauty and I would like to make more videos using this concept perhaps over the winter period. That way it keeps me warm by practising the same movement over and over again, constantly improving the overall technique. Also in winter you tend to not be able to do as much training wise, so I revert back to basic movements and conditioning.



In hindsight there are some things that I would have liked to change in the video, they are listed below.

00:43 Could have get more angles at High Pavement of the strides (I thought I had loads and it turned out I hardly had any). As I felt it was rather over edited or cut too much on viewing it.

01:36 The angles are great, although, I would have liked to get the buildings roofs in and perhaps some sky as well.

I would have also liked to get some more variety of my Precision and strides at IBM overall so had more things to add in the video.


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