Parkour Subculture.

I have been around for long enough in the Parkour scene to notice each communities traits they have from training methods, Rituals, clothing and even the trainers they all wear.

This comes more into the psychology and it can be used in the same context as in the words which each social group uses and creates yearly. General psychology fascinates me and the fact people have different ways to deal with stress, pain and mental tasks is an amazing phenomena. For this instance I’ll be using it primary from a Pk aspect.


Sub culture.


Each year there is a new ‘Ritual’ as it were, which people adopt. From either creating it themselves to what they have seen others who are better than them do, to even thinking mentally it helps them in some shape or form. I remember in 2005, the ‘in thing’ while training to do something which mentally and physically pushed you to your limit but you couldn’t get yourself to do, would be counting down the tried and tested ‘3…2…1…’ then you would do the move or at least attempt to do it this in it’s self became a daily habit when training.

I also remember listening to music while training was another big thing along with listening to Jedi Mind Tricks and other underground artists (which have became so popular in the Pk scene over the years). I remember having one jogger leg rolled up while you trained made you appear to be good at Parkour or take it serious and was one of the more sillier things people did. This years crazy is really big jogging bottom sizes being 3Xl + Also the harem pants have been a must for many.

At the same time Parkour had no set dress sense or fashion. People used to train in lose jeans which skateboarders used, even combats. Over time people moved more to casual gym wear being the wool jogging bottoms. Due to the functionality and comfort of them. The same goes for trainers people used skater shoes and anything they liked again over time everyone reverted to running trainers due to functionality.

People who do not follow this code are frowned upon or seen as a newer practitioner because of them not knowing which works best. I guess things get tried and tested with the feedback and information being passed around the circles of traceurs of the UK and around the world. This doesn’t mean people are not open to new ideas, techniques and clothing, there will always be someone who has a new idea which people take on board and some times use. Before you know it the whole Parkour scene all over the world follows suit.


Ekiden 50.


Habitual behaviour often goes unnoticed in persons exhibiting it, because a person does not need to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks. It becomes repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. It is also hard to get out of the ‘ritual’ too. If it is a bad one you have to really focus on not doing it due to doing it for a set period of time it becomes in grind into your subconscious.

Not all of them are bad – if it helps people believe that doing it helps them in some way than so be it. It can be undone and changed at a later date, everyone has their own quirks. Just don’t try creating one for the sake of one or because someone else does it.

If you stand still for long enough and observe people while training you will be able to see many of these such things, whether it be from wiping your trainers, scuffing them on the floor, pulling your joggers a set amount of times, tying them up, wiping your hands together, hitting your legs. The list is an endless one!

The most recent accessory for traceur’s is the Canon EOS cameras for video and photography. There are very few who you see without these products which are used to showcase the latest achievements.


Parkour Joggers.


I understand everyone wants to be an individual and define themselves within a community. I mean what we do is not exactly the norm, but with it growing ever popular, it is slowly becoming the norm for many who practice it and so they have to find a new way to stand out with clothing and how they carry themselves primarily.

Who knows what next years ‘fads’ and revelations will bring, but bear in mind if you look out for them you will start seeing so many when you are out training and some will make you giggle. Others will make you wonder why they are done and some are just plain out there.



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