How to find a good training spot!

Many people who are new to training will ask this question quite often and will want to know what area(s) would be classed as a ‘Pk Heaven’ the simple answer is it’s not about how rich in obstacles the area is, it’s about the things you can do in the given area which challenge you as a person.

Another question people will ask is ‘I don’t live in a city, I live in a small village or out in the country. There is nothing to do here at all!’ You can make something out of anything you just need to use a bit of imagination and creativity. In the same way people used it in the days before modern technology like mobiles & intenet.


Possible Downwards Precision?


Sure, inner city areas will be rich in concrete obstacles such as walls and rails of all different heights all over the place as opposed to the countryside, which have more natural obstacles in woodlands like trees, banks, abandoned structures and other random things you come across. Another part of using  imagination is through the Pk vision as the longer you have trained the more things you will have encountered and a better skill set you have. So even in areas which seem to have nothing to offer to a less experienced practitioner, a more advanced one will be able to be creative and see a greater amount of possibilities.

The best example of this is somewhere you may class as an awesome location for training a new person will only see simple things such a wall to vault, or one to scale and a few smaller precisions, very basic movements. Rather than ones you can link together or even look beyond the things you can do and see the bigger picture beyond your level.

This is why after so long of training you can go back to older areas which you may have thought were not good for training and see things in a new light and it unlocks new opportunities for you to practice things which when you first started thought were impossible or wasn’t even aware existed there.


Parkour Hotspot?


If you really want to search out new locations, look for places which will have good architecture, lots of walls, and/or rails. Going down hidden ally ways can sometimes be good places to venture as they can lead to big open spaces with plenty of things to do. Schools, colleges, parks, estates and town centres all have things worth checking out for movement. Another way would be to use Google Maps. It can be a really good idea to look around on there, even in street view travelling down endless roads. Who knows what you will find at a click of a button without wasting any time in the real world wondering around in hope of seeing something with no avail.

No matter where you go on your travels, even in an every day situation, the Pk vision will allow you to see things which you may later on want to visit to train at, so have an open mind and keep your eyes peeled!


Stair Set.



1 Response to “How to find a good training spot!”

  1. 1 Tim Jet Flow February 13, 2012 at 20:24

    This article is great. I’ve Actually done what was mentioned here. I’ve gone back to places that when first started training I thought “I’ll never be able to do that.” Then I go back months later and I’m all over the area finding new things to do.

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