New Ekiden 50’s.

The published posts It’s a Success and the Ekiden 50 replacement? Have been the most popular and most read articles so far, moving on from those this is a review of the new Ekiden 50s. The replacement for the old ones, which were not good for Parkour and is fully explained in the latter article above.

Today I finally got a pair of the new Ekiden 50’s. Although, it was no easy task getting a pair, there has been various mix ups with ordering them online. For example, I know various people who have ordered the white ones online, only to then receive the old E50’s with the white slits on the sole.

It seems the company (Decathlon) can’t distinguish which white ones are the old ones and which are the new one due to the ordering code being the same. So 9/10 times you will receive a pair of the old ones (if this happens just get them replaced with the new ones or opt for the other colour). Sadly until they have sold out all of the old stock completely there will be the possibility of getting the wrong pair, a pain to most I know!


Ekiden 50 trainer.


In store they do sell both the old white E50’s and the new ones, so it’s pure luck of the draw to whether they have them in your size or not. I know from experience when I went in they had lots of sizes in the new E50’s all apart from mine! I was asking in store why they don’t sell the dark pair which are advertised on the online shop and in store and yet none are on the shelves. One of the workers then had a look on the computer and told me they can order the dark pair in and because they are the dark pair he knows they will be the right pair as they have a different code to the white ones.

If you ask in store or via phone for a pair of these dark/gray E50’s because there is no previous old versions which are the same colour or code you can guarantee they will be the right ones! (This is what I did in store).

For anyone who didn’t get chance to get a pair of the old Kalenji success which everyone raved about so much (me included)! I would recommend getting a pair of these, they are pretty much the same as a whole.


Ekiden 50 tongue message.


I have a feeling over time due to the Parkour community being as big as it is and by word of mouth they will sell like hot cakes. I do know from experience Kalenji seem to change the grip and design every year or so. If that is the case I know for a fact I shall be stocking up on this trainer as should anyone else who wants to have lots of pairs for the future!

These are also cheaper being at £12.99 than the Kalenji Success, which is coming back in December thanks to PKGen (no specific date as of yet) but at a higher price of £16.99. I will be getting a pair of those to road test as well. For me though it’s about how cheap they are as well as how well they perform.

What I have found with the new E50’s training-wise is they are practically the same as the old Kelenji Success. I have road tested them all day long and they really are good, they grip to any surface even the ones classed as slippery, always a bonus. I do find, however, the only slight difference is they feel lighter than normal. Whether that be down to me being used to my old trainers, I’m not too sure.

If you really want to find out for yourself how they look, feel, and work while training get yourself down to Decathlon or get a pair ordered now. Below are some pictures I have taken of them to give you an idea of how they look. I hope the review has been helpful to all reading it.


Ekiden 50 side view.


Ekiden 50 side view.


Ekiden 50s.


Ekiden 50 sole view.


Ekiden 50 rear view.


Ekiden 50.


Ekiden close view.


Ekiden 50 grip.



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