Rooftop Adventure II.

Today was cold to start, but by the time it got to lunch time when we were meeting up for Parkour it was as warm as a summers day! Perfect conditions to be training in. The main focus of today was for getting some footage and just hit all the spots we could before it got dark. Overall, it was a good day, some filming was done as was photography. Nothing to really document as such here… Near the end of the day, we ended up climbing some scaffolding down an alley way and then up to the top of some building rooftops. Taking various photos from up there and it was awesome to be somewhere many hadn’t been. Only for people to notice us, not that we were aware and they had called the police. Thinking that who they could can see were lead thief’s. Once we had enough we came back down, not really thinking about the whole police thing until one came around the corner.

He was friendly enough and said ‘I’ve been looking all over for you guys’ with a smile on his face. He took our names and explained about the reports they had been having. He also wanted to check our bags to make sure we had no been up to anything bad. Then came the interesting part, he also wanted to look through the photos on James camera, which was a very funny and awkward moment as they were all posed shots of us on the rooftops. You could see he was trying to hide his laughter and then he then let us go to carry on with our training. The best phrase I have ever heard came from Denis afterwards. When he said ‘is this was it means to have trouble with the law?’ said with his foreign accent which just made it all the funnier and we all howled with laughter.


denis – Precision.


James – Lazy Vault.


James – Lazy Vault.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Group Chilling.


Yaz – Portrait.


Rooftops I.


Rooftops II.


Rooftops III.


Rooftops IV.




James Taking A Picture.


Denis – Front Tuck.


Yaz – Posing.



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