Time to shed skin.

The past few days my hands have been going through the cycle of shedding skin in the form of my calluses raising up and peeling off. I also started to get blisters on my hands from doing too much grip work and many Catleap/Arm jumps. I went out today with Yaz, for the sole purpose of getting some filming and photography done. Needless to say after a few hours we had to call the session off. Due to both being injured and having battered bodies.

The day was going so well in the beginning, filming new things, I then decided to go back to a Catleap/Arm jump I had previously been doing the other weekend even though it was near my limit. I wanted to get some more angles and get it looking cleaner. I stood up, ready to jump, only to feel scared of it today as did Yaz. It seems no matter how many times I go to it, it always scares me.

Myself and Yaz rolled the camera and tried to do the cat only to fail or bounce off the wall each time we tried. It was really odd as when I was trying it Saturday, I was tired and it was much later in the day and yet today I was fresh and at 100% so why was I not getting it easily?!

Yaz tried it again only to hurt his hand, the next time he twisted his ankle badly and gave up on doing it again. I went back to it and kept trying it only getting it cleanly once. I decided to keep at it and every other attempts were fails. I had pulled my side, twisted my ankle, ripped my calluses off both hands and yet was still trying it. The final straw came when I cut my fingertip and it wouldn’t stop bleeding and was too sore to use it again. At this point both battered and bruised, we decided to head home.


Zade's cut fingertip!



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