Derby here Derby there.

I decided to go back to Derby with Yaz on Wednesday for a training session. I woke up later than planned in a somewhat lethargic mood and I really didn’t feel like training at all. Once I had had some food and a shower, I felt more in the mood to train. I thought I was going to be late but in the end I ended up being ready at my normal time. I headed off to town to meet Yaz at the bus station where we just missed the bus, which was in the station so we caught the later one.

Once in Derby we met with Dennis who was already warming up at the Korean Memorial.  Today was warm and I also wanted to get lots of photography and film, not that the day went how I wanted it too.

We practised various things in this area and spent a lot of time coasting George and Dennis into doing some new moves. One of which was Dennis doing the Catleap from a lower wall to another wall, which was rather level and same level like. (Show below executed by Yaz).

Without going into too much detail and boring everyone with the movements and areas we trained at, I would rather summarize it all below with some bullet points.

  • Dennis over came some mental fears regarding his Precisions at heights, along with some other movements which he has never done before.
  • I found new movements to do in newer areas. I also overcame my rail fears by doing a range of different distances regarding rail precisions.
  • I had a nasty looking bail when trying to K2p and both my hands slipped but managed to recover and be fine.
  • Yaz also bailed a Precision mid air and had to do a downwards crane, he also bailed a k2p clipping his knee.
  • A couple were basically having sex along the canal when we were training. There was also an old woman sleeping on a bench to which all the passing school kids thought she was dead.
  • The local hobos are a sight to see and watch, especially when they go through the bins for food and try to talk to you in gibberish.

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