Self Perception.

I have had an epiphany and I guess I will describe below what I mean by this and explain my thoughts on it.

Watching videos of other Traceurs and watching them practice in person, I’ve come to realise that perhaps my techniques are not all that bad at all. Some people you would think should have good functional strength for Parkour/Freerunning due to other insane feats they do. Such as, a person who can do massive Precisions, Catleaps or even handstands, and so on and yet they seem to be the ones who lack functional strength for the fundamental moves such as a climb up. I find this really strange for a few reasons: I thought if you are able to hold your body weight in various ways then surely you would have the capability of being able to move it around with ease? Unless this is where calisthenics, when done incorrectly or neglected, in some muscle groups you end up not being able to do certain moves.

I’ve always been one to put myself down and always thought my techniques were not good enough, not fast enough, or fluid enough and not to a good standard. When in actual fact, with me focusing so much on them and being a perfectionist and never filming them or seeing them from other people’s perspectives, got me thinking maybe they are of a good standard! I recorded a few movements and techniques and only then realised how fast they actually were! This also triggered me thinking about comments from others Tracuers about how smooth my techniques are and how they would like to have the same strength/ability so they could also do things with ease. The same could be said about each individual person and their own style on how they go about movement and training.




Style seems to be one of those things you can’t copy, of course you can mimic it to a degree. What I mean by this is if you are training a lot with close friends, you all seem to adapt the same style and mannerisms with movements and people would be able to tell who you try with and what you work on the most.

My point is, when you practice something for so long you begin to forget your objective for doing the move in the first place, and how far you have come from when you have first started. It’s easy to compare too much with others and your own movements and start to see things not how they are. If you take a step back and look at previous videos you have made, past achievements and where you are today skill wise you should be pretty proud and amazed how far it has come.

Today I have came to the point where I am starting to feel proud to be at the stage I am now and how I am adapting things to carry on progressing. For instance, doing a simple Catleap and a Climb-up is no longer enough of a challenge and strain on my body. I have took it upon myself to start doing one handed catleaps in preparation for OACUs. This has proven to be very useful and works my forearms no end, not to mention my back muscles.


Callused Hands.


I remember when I hadn’t long started practicing Parkour/Freerunning and a climb up/muscle up was a feat of great strength and was so far out of my own reach it made me sad. I never thought I would get to a stage where they became easy! Now they are easy and you can only pass on your own learning to others to help aid them in their training.

You will always strive to be better and you will always find others who are always more advanced then yourself, able to do bigger things but that is another goal to aim for. How much further can I go? What will the future bring for me? Who knows! Only time will tell and as long as I keep practicing the core skills and keep pushing things step by step it all adds up to becoming a better individual.


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