Ekiden 50 Replacement?

UPDATE: These trainers are now out and available to buy from Decathlon! In both white or gray. If you want to know more about the trainer head over to my New E50 Post.

I have recently been shown a link on the Kalenji official website of the new Ekiden 50 trainer. This has made me very excited as the Ekiden 50 replaced the Kalenji Success as it was a big disappointment in comparison for training. With cuts in the grip which would peel off or rip almost instantly, while training more so on rough walls or doing excessive catleaps.

However, this new Ekiden 50 looks amazing and could well be the next “best” trainer for Parkour/Freerunning.


New Ekiden 50 colours.


New Ekiden 50 Sole.


Nike Dart's


As you can see via the pictures above, they come in two colours – white or gray. Both great for people who like a choice of both bright and dull colours depending on your preference.  The sole looks amazing and is very similar to Nike Darts soles (seen above) which proved brilliant for Parkour as much as the Success soles did!

Anyone who had used the old Ekiden 50’s (pictured below) will know how truly terrible the grip was, it had slits in them which would peel off with excessive amount of Catleaps.


Old Ekiden 50's.


Old Ekiden 50's sole.


From past experience of trying an array of different trainers and from my own knowledge of which tread works better than others, I know for a fact this would work great for Parkour. This has made me very excited, although at the same time, wondering if they will be the same price as the current Ekiden’s at £9.99 or if they will be classed as different and be more expensive.

From my previous post about the New Kalenji Success, I find it funny how Kalenji did not want to be associated with PK and with various petitioning from well know Parkour Groups in the UK. They have sealed a deal with Kalenji who are now bringing back the Success to keep tabs on the sales and to see how many people buy them, before keeping them in production and going more global. They could not gauge how many people were buying the old Ekiden’s.

In the mean time they have tried to change and make a better Ekiden 50 trainer, creating something which looks to out-do the Success! If the new Ekiden’s come out, I’m going to go for the ones at £9.99, rather then £16.99 for the new up and coming Success!

Be aware that each year for a couple of months the Ekiden’s will go up by a few pounds extra to £12.99 when it is a marathon month. I guess this is to maximize profit while all the runners are out buying trainers.

It all seems rather ironic really, they didn’t want to be associated with PK and yet have just made another perfect trainer for Parkour, without even knowing! I’ll keep my eye on this product and keep people posted. I’ll also do a full review when both are out and I can get my hands on a pair.

UPDATE: These trainers are now out and available to buy from Decathlon! In both white or gray. I have them in gray so if you want to know more about the trainer head over to the New E50 Post


4 Responses to “Ekiden 50 Replacement?”

  1. 1 gaby January 12, 2012 at 19:03

    these aren’t parkour trainers.these are for running loser

    • 2 Zade January 12, 2012 at 23:05

      I never said they were Parkour trainers! ;) They are running trainers which happen to be very good to use for Parkour.

    • 3 Sick Guy January 12, 2012 at 23:11

      Man are you stupid? There is no such thing as ”parkour trainers” Obviously all parkour trainers are running shoes or something similar -_-

  1. 1 New Ekiden 50′s. « Zade's Parkour Blog Trackback on November 1, 2011 at 15:19

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